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The Adventures of Sebastian Cole

Adrian Grenier, Clark Gregg, Aleksa Palladino, Margaret Colin, John Shea, Marni Lustig, Joan Copeland, Tom Lacy, Gabriel Macht, Herbert Russell
Ernest Hemingway | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | nitrous oxide | whipped cream charger
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A boy tells photographer Sebastian, “Hurry up, moron!” (0:03) 

Sebastian tells Hartley, “Dad, mom said that when you were in graduate school at Oxford, you took some acid at some party and thought you were a dog, and she had to walk you on a leash buck naked on all fours.” (0:04)

Sebastian’s stepfather Hank tells Sebastian’s sister Jessica and Sebastian, “I’ve decided to become a woman.”
Jessica asks Joan: “Mom, what... is this insane bullshit?” (0:10)

Joan tells Sebastian, “I was just always crazy about this place.” (0:13)

Sebastian’s friend Wayne, referring to Hank: “He’s... tweaked.” (0:14)

Joan tells Sebastian, “Everybody’s exploded all over the planet, and Hank’s gone completely insane.” (0:17)

Hank, dressed as a woman. He tells Sebastian, “Sickos, drunk drivers, hookers...” (0:19)

His sister’s ex-boyfriend Troy tells Sebastian, “I heard Hank’s a drag queen.” (0:26)

Sebastian tells Hank, “I’m gonna live a lot and have adventures, like Hemmingway.” (0:30)

Sebastian’s friend Jimmy tells Wayne, “Keep it down, idiot.” (0:33)

Sebastian smokes a joint. (0:41, 1:06)

Sebastian and his girlfriend Mary smoke joints. (0:43)

Hank, now Henrietta, asks Sebastian, “Smoke a lot of pot?”
”If I catch you high or find any of that stuff on you or in the house then you’re out on your ass.” (0:46)

Sebastian introduces Mary’s friend Susan to huffing nitrous oxide from a whipped cream can. (0:48)

Sebastian tells Wayne, “I’m not even drunk.” (0:58)

Henrietta asks Sebastian, “Why’d you try to kill yourself?”
Sebastian: ”I wasn’t trying to kill myself.”
”I can’t remember anything.” (0:59)

Sebastian tells Henrietta, “Soon I’ll be gone, and you can go back to obsessing about your dick without any distractions.” (1:08) 

Wayne smokes a joint. (1:08)

Wayne tells Jimmy, “... you’ve got that bong water halitosis thing...” (1:16)

Hartley’s mother tells Hartley’s father, referring to Henrietta, “Yes, dear, this is the person who was going in for a sex change operation.”
Hartley’s father: ”In college I knew a boy who liked to fool around with horses and dogs.” (1:25)

Sebastian learns that Henrietta has died of complications of surgery. He grieves. (1:33)