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The Adventures of Tintin

Colin O'Meara, Thierry Wermuth, Christian Pellissier, David Fox, Henri Labussière, Yves Barsacq, Jean-Pierre Moulin, Susan Roman, Wayne Robson, John Stocker, Dan Hennessey
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Villain Sakharine tells reporter Tintin, “Sir Francis Haddock was a drunkard...” (0:16)

Pickpocket Silk tells the detectives Thompson and Thompson, “I’m a kleptomaniac.”
Thompson tells his twin, ”It’s a fear of open spaces.” (0:46)

Tintin asks Haddock, “Have you gone mad?” (0:48)

Haddock prepares to drown himself: “No, it's far better that I end it now.” (0:49)

Tintin tells Capt. Haddock, “Those are surgical sprits for medicinal purposes only.” Snowy swallows what floats out of the bottle and becomes drunk.” (0:52)

Tintin tells Haddock, “There are worse things than sobering up.”
”But Captain you’re hallucinating.” Alcoholic hallucinosis? Delirium tremens? (0:57)

Tintin tells Haddock, “Congratulations captain. You are sober.” (1:02)

Lt. Delcourt tells Tintin, referring to Haddock, “He’s quite delirious.”
"We suspect he has concussion, heatstroke, delirium." More likely an alcoholic blackout?
Tintin: “He’s sober.” (1:03)