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After Fall, Winter

Eric Schaeffer, Lizzie Brocheré, Heather Aitken, Rebecca Jameson, Jimmy King, Sydney McCann,Deborah Twiss
zolpidem | Ambien | Sigmund Freud | morphine
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Nurse Sophie and her client engage in sadomasochism. (0:01, 0:12)

Sophie, referring to Robert’s mother: “She’s gone.” Robert cries. (0:04)

Writer Michael looks at a bottle marked “Ambien... zolpidem tartrate.” He empties the bottle into his hand and contemplates taking them all. (0:07)

Sophie asks terminally ill Anais, “Do you want some morphine?” (0:12)

Michael’s friend Charles tells his wife, referring to Michael, “He was depressed, so I told him to come over.” (0:13)

Her client Antoine asks Sophie, “What... are you doing, you crazy...”
”You’re completely insane.” (0:21)

Dominatrix Natalie slaps Michael: “... not deluded, self-obsessed narcissists.” (0:26)

Sophie, during another session of sadomasochism, tells her client, “It’s crazy, isn’t it?” Coprophilia? (0:31)

Michael tells Sophie, “This stalking me, it’s really not cool. How do you say stalking me is really not cool in French?” (0:34)

Michael tells Sophie, “So I just become kind of maddeningly lovely.” (0:36)

Michael and Natalie: sadomasochism. (0:41)

Sophie tells Michael that men must be “not a drug addict or alcoholic or.”
”You’re kind of nuts, aren’t you?”
MIchael: “I’m the most sane man that you now know or will ever meet in your entire life.”
”... amplifies your hypothesis that I am indeed crazy...” (0:46)

Sophie asks Michael, “So you’re not into BDSM now?”
Michael: “The men thing it was more psychological...”
”I would love to skydive, but I’m... scared to jump out of a plane, and heights, so I’ll never do that.”
”How about any BDSM for you?”
Sophie: ”I just think that mixing psychology and sex is perverse... Sort this thing out with your shrink...” (1:13)

Sophie tells Michael, “Freud said our fears are our wishes...” (1:28)

Sophie’s mother says she does not remember Sophie.
Sophie tells Michael, “She didn’t know who I was.” Dementia? (1:28)

Sophie and Michael: sadomasochism. (1:44)

Michael tells Sophie, “You start to like me a lot, and then you freak out.” (1:46)

Michael tells Domina X, “I want you to kill me.” She beats him. (1:57)

Sophie stops trying to revive Michael. Seeing a rope, she tells him, “Wait for me under the willow tree.” (2:04)

Anais’ young brother holds her hand as she dies. (2:06)

Michael revives only to find Sophie has hanged herself. (2:07)

Sophie hangs herself. (2:08)