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Afternoon Delight

Kathryn Hahn, Juno Temple, Josh Radnor, Jane Lynch, Jessica St. Clair, Michaela Watkins, Josh Stamberg, Keegan-Michael Key, Annie Mumolo, John Kapelos, Noah Harpster, Suzy Nakamura
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Journalist Rachel in psychotherapy session with Dr. Lenore. (0:02) 

Rachel asks her friend Steph, “Does your shrink tell you about her life?” (0:05)

Rachel tells her husband Jeff, “You press that panic button, I’m gonna shoot you in the face.” (0:08)

Stripper McKenna tells Rachel she “Had these crazy sideburns. My mom told me he had a genius IQ... But then one night she got really drunk...” (0:16)

McKenna tells Rachel, “I’m 55 days sober, so good people are really important.” (0:20)

Rachel tells Jeff, referring to the coffee, “It’s obsession worthy.” (0:21)

Psychotherapy session #2: Dr. Lenore: “I was recently diagnosed with perimenopausal low blood sugar.”
Rachel: “I think I need a break from therapy.” (0:30)

McKenna tells Rachel, “Psychiatrists have customers.” (0:34)

Jeff’s friend: “Pot’s getting too good, right? Remember you used to be able to smoke a joint? You smoke your joint now, you die.”(1:04)

Stephanie: ”I know that normally I am a borderline alcoholic...” (1:05)

Jeff lights a bong. (1:10)

Jennie: “That Jodie Foster movie, on the pool table.”
Rachel: “The Accused.” (1:12)

Rachel tells her friend Amanda, “I know I got really drunk the other night, and I know I said some pretty awful things.”(1:24)

Psychotherapy session #3.
Dr. Lenore, sobbing: “Portia and I broke up, and I know this isn’t appropriate.”
Rachel hugs Lenore to comfort her. (1:25)

Rachel asks Jeff, “Does Bo have any weed?”
Jeff lights a bong for Rachel.
Jeff: “Um, in my head I kinda put this all on you, but I think I was asleep, so I’m sorry.” (1:28)

Stephanie tells Rachel, “That’s crazy.” (1:32)

Did Lenore fail to help Rachel by violating boundaries and using Rachel in an attempt to satisfy her own needs? By repeatedly asking permission of Rachel to "share" her own experience did she abdicate her own responsibility to serve her client's best interests above her own?

Was Rachel's attempt to help McKenna really a thinly disguised attempt to solve problems in her marriage by creating a relationship triangle?

Note how Rachel assumes the dysfunctional family role of identified patient, but in the end Jeff also takes responsibility for their dysfunction.