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Agnes of God

Jane Fonda, Anne Bancroft, Meg Tilly, Anne Pitoniak, Winston Rekert, Gratien Gélinas, Guy Hoffman
Sigmund Freud | tobacco
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Forensic psychiatrist Eugene tells forensic psychiatrist Martha, “All you have to do is meet with her once or twice and tell the court she’s insane.” (0:06)

Martha tells nun Marguerite, “I’m the court appointed psychiatrist.” (0:09)

Nun Miriam tells Martha, “She can’t even remember the birth. Do you think she’d remember the conception?”
Miriam: ”I’m not the patient.”
Martha: ”The science of psychiatry.” (0:12)

Nun Agnes tells Martha, “I love you.” Transference? Boundary violation? (0:16)

Martha tells Agnes, “Smoking is an obsession with me. One day I’ll become obsessed with something else, and I’ll stop smoking.” (0:19)

Novice Agnes tells Martha about conversations with her deceased mother and “The lady I saw when I was 10.” Delusions, Hallucinations? Visions? (0:20)

Miriam asks Martha, “Is she totally bananas or merely slightly off center, or maybe she’s perfectly sane and just a very good liar?”
”I believe that she not crazy, nor is she lying.” (0:22)

Her mother doesn’t recognize Martha: “Who are you?”
Confusing Martha with her deceased sister Marie: ”You know Martha hasn’t come to see me?”
”I remember when you was a little girl, Marie.”
Martha: “That was me.” (0:28)

Miriam tells Martha, “She stopped eating completely.” (0:31)

Agnes tells Miriam, “I’ve been commanded by God.” Command hallucination?
”Because I’m getting fat.” 
”I’m a blimp.” (0:31)

Miriam tells Martha, “Newspaper men, psychiatrists.”
”She’s an hysteric, pure and simple.”
”Do you think hysteria could do that?” (0:32)

Leon: “Martha, your job is to diagnose...”
Eve: “Martha, you’ll have to make a decision on her sanity as quickly as possible...” (0:36)

Agnes lays berries at the grave of Sister Marie Paul (not Martha's sister). (0:37)

Agnes tells Martha, “I was dropped on my head. That’s why I don’t understand things.”
Martha: ”You have trouble sleeping?”
Agnes: “They should lock you up, people like you.” (0:39)

Miriam tells Martha, “And don’t tell me I’m making up for past mistakes Dr. Freud.”
”No matter what you decide its either the prison or the nut house...” (0:44)

Miriam tells Agnes, “And if they didn’t sleep well, I’m sure the next day they were cranky as mules.” (0:46)

Father Martineau gives last rites for a dying nun. (0:48)

Martha tells Agnes, “I really love you.” (0:53)

Martha tells Miriam, “She molested her.”
“You knew she was an alcoholic.” (0:56)

Detective Larry tells Martha, “You’ve gotta be crazy.” (0:57)

Martha tells Miriam, “I’ve gotten the court’s permission to hypnotize her.” (1:01)

Martha tells Miriam, “You know, when I was in first grade my best friend was run over on the way to school. You know what the nun said? She died because she hadn’t said her morning prayer.”
”She died. Why not me?” Survivor guilt? (1:02)

Martha tells Miriam, “My sister died in a convent...”
”Do you suppose the saints would have smoked if tobacco had been popular back then?”
Miriam: “And Saint Joan would chew tobacco.”
“Not all the saints were good, in fact some of them were a little crazy.”
Martha: ”I”d like to begin.”
”The hypnotism.” (1:04)

Martha has hypnotized Agnes and uses post-hypnotic suggestion: “And when I count to three and clap my hands you’ll no longer be hypnotized.” (1:08)

Miriam tells Martha, “If we have to hire a psychiatrist for Agnes we’ll find our own.”
Martha: ”She hallucinates, stops eating...”
“You’re as crazy as...”
”That’s insane.”
“Everything that Agnes has done is explainable through modern psychiatry “
Miriam: “That’s what you believe, that she is the sum of the psychological parts?”
“Then why are you obsessed with her?”
Miriam: “That’s crazy.” (1:19)

Miriam tells Martha, “And I panicked.” (1:25)

Martha hypnotizes Agnes.
Agnes: “I can give her back to God.” Did Agnes lack mens rea?
“Tied the cord around her neck.” (1:26)

Justice Joseph: “It seems quite clear that the defendant was in no way responsible for her actions.” (1:31)