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Aguirre: The Wrath of God

Klaus Kinski, Peter Berling, Alejandro Repulles, Cecilia Rivera, Helena Rojo, Edward Roland, Ruy Guerra
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Lope de Aguirre calls the Indian slaves “You idiots.”
”Watch it, you idiots!” (0:08)

Aguirre tells Don Pedro, “You are crazy.” (0:17)

Guzmán tells Don Pedro, “But that would be suicide because of the Indians.” (0:29)

Monk Gaspar tells Don Pedro’s mistress Inés, “We understand your confusion, my child.” (0:46)

Soldier: “For heaven’s sake, cannibals.”
Gaspar: “The discovery of cannibals around us was so disturbing that we hastily left this dreadful place.” (0:50)

Perucho tells Aguirre, “... one of the men panicked because of the silence...” (1:17)

One soldier tells another, referring to Aguirre, “I’d rather join the Indians than stay with this madman.” (1:17)

Gaspar tells Aguirre, “Even El Dorado hasn’t been more than an illusion.”
Aguirre: “Mexico was no illusion.” (1:23)

Gaspar: “Most men have fever and hallucinations.” (1:24)

The black slave: “I see a ship with sails in a tall tree, and from the stern hangs a canoe.” (1:26)

His daughter Florés dies in Aguirre’s arms. (1:29)