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Alabama Moon

John Goodman, Jimmy Bennett, Clint Howard, Gabriel Basso, Gary Grubbs, Uriah Shelton, J.D. Evermore, Annalise Basso
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Young Moon digs a grave for his father next to the stone that marks his mother's grave. (0:01)

Constable Sanders tells boys home superintendent Mr. Gene, "You'd best put restraints on this boy 'fore I leave." (0:22)

Hal asks Moon, "You crazy?" (0:27)

Hal tells Moon, "I knew you were crazy."
Moon: "... and I'm not crazy." (0:34)

Sanders tells Mr. Gene, "You gotta put restraints on that boy..." (0:43)

Hal tells Kit and Moon, referring to his father, "He may have been drunk all the time..." (0:49)

Moon learns that Kit has died. He grieves. (1:24)

Might you diagnose Moon's father with Schizoid or Paranoid Personality Disorder?