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Ali & Ava

CastAdeel Akhtar, Claire Rushbrook
Year released2021
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Ali tells his mother, "You got confused, didn’t you?" (0:06)

Teacher Ava tells her son Callum, "... you idiot...” 
Referring to Callum’s father: ”He’d have been a very proud granddad, wouldn’t he?" (0:28)

Ali tells Ava, referring to Callum, "He’s a nutter." 
Ava: ”He lost his dad just over a year ago...” (0:39)

Ali tells Ava, "Don’t worry about him..." (0:41)

Ali tells Ava, "Don’t worry." (0:42)

Ava tells her friend Dawn, "I’m gonna have to get drunk." (0:45)

Dawn tells Ali, "I’m bipolar, me." (0:53)

Ava tells Ali, "Paul’s buried here." 
”He used to beat me...” 
”... he hurt our Michelle. One time when he came back drunk... After he beat me black and blue...” (0:55)

Ava tells Ali, "Just focus on that..." (1:08)

Ali asks Ava, "If Paul were here, would he kick me head in?" (1:12)

Dawn tells Ava, "Go see him, you daft cow." (1:20)

Michelle tells Ava, "This is mental." (1:23)

Ava finds Ali in the cemetery. (1:28)

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