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Alias Jesse James

Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming, Wendell Corey, Gloria Talbott, Will Wright, Mickey Finn, Mary Young, Bob Gunderson, Fred Kohler Jr., Glenn Strange, Gary Cooper, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, James Garner, Jim Davis
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One man tells another, "”It’s enough to drive you mad." (0:05)

Insurance salesman Milford Farnsworth tells the other poker players, "Don’t anybody make a move, or I’ll blow my brains out." (0:27)

Gunslinger Jesse James tells the sheriff, "Don't worry." (0:29)

Milford: "I was worried about you, Jesse." (1:02)

Indian Princess Irawanie tells Milford, referring to mushrooms, “They no kill. Just make loco for short time.” (1:13)

Milford laces the punch with mushrooms. (1:15)

Milford, disguised as a judge tells Jesse, "Oh, you nervous bride grooms are all the same." (1:17)

After drinking the punch Jesse sees multiple images of Milford, and the other men fight in slow motion, psychedelic effects of the mushrooms. (1:18)

Insurance executive Titus Queasley faints. (1:26)

Milford tells a man, "I have life insurance, health insurance..." (1:31)