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All About Eve

CastBette Davis, Anne Baxter, George Sanders, Celeste Holm
Year released1950
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Actress Margo tells artist Karen, "They're mental defectives." (0:12)

Margo tells director Bill, "I love a psychotic." (0:19)

Margo: "Eve became my... psychiatrist and cop. (0:27)

Margo tells Eve: "Performance number one thousand... will take place in a well padded booby hatch." (0:29)

Bill admonishes Margo not to judge Eve "by the bar room benzedrine standards of this megalomaniac society," and suggests she suffers from "paranoiac insecurity." (0:42)

Bill tells Margo, " I am sick and tired of these paranoiac outbursts."
Margo: "Paranoiac?"
"Tell that to Dr. Freud..."
Bill: "You've got to stop hurting yourself and me and the two of us with these paranoiac tantrums."
"due to some strange uncontrollable unconscious drive... turn you into an hysterical screaming harpie." (1:12)

Eve's neighbor tells Karen, referring to Eve, "She's hysterical, and she doesn't want a doctor." (1:54)

References in All About My Mother, The Ritz

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