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All About My Mother

Cecilia Roth, Marisa Paredes, Candela Peña, Antonia San Juan, Penélope Cruz, Toni Cantó, Eloy Azorín
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | bromazepam | Lexatin | cocaine | heroin | marijuana | Truman Capote
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Electroencephalography device: flat lines. (0:01)

Manuela tells a receptionist at the transplant center by telephone, “We’ve done the first EEG, and the family has agreed.” (0:02)

Manuela's son Esteban watches All About Eve. (0:03)

Movie Eve: “They’re... mental defectives.” (0:04)

Manuela tells her son Esteban, “I know you like Capote.”
Referring to Mamen: “She’s the psychologist in charge of the seminar.” (0:05)

Nurse, in A Streetcar Named Desire: “The jacket, doctor.” (0:09)

Manuela tells Esteban, “Twenty years ago we did Streetcar...” (0:11)

One actress tells another, “You think not being able to get stoned all day is being a nun!” (0:12)

Grief overcomes Manuel as she realizes Esteban has likely been killed. (0:13)

A doctor tells Manuela, “Unfortunately, the result of the EEG is what we feared.” (0:14)

Mamen tells Manuela, “It was wrong and the best way to go crazy.” (0:18)

Prostitute Agrado tells Juan, “You’re crazy, you faggot!”
”What a fucking useless psychopath.” (0:22)

Agrado tells Manuala, “These nuns only help whores and transvestites.” (0:28)

Sister Rosa tells Agrado and Manuela, referring to Lola, “We helped her through a detox. I cared for her through withdrawal...”
Agrado: “The whores were bad enough, but the drag queens are wiping us out. I can’t stand the drag queens... They confuse transvestism with a circus.”
Rosa: “I doubt there are many drag queens in El Salvador...“ (0:30)

Rosa’s mother tells Rosa, “That trip is suicide!”
”You should go see a psychiatrist.” (0:33)

Manuela’s magazine: “A Streetcar Named Desire” (0:34)

Rosa tells Manuela, referring to her mother, “She drives me crazy.” (0:34)

Manuela watches a theatrical production of A Streetcar Named Desire. (0:36)

Actress Huma tells Manuela, “Don’t tell anyone, but Nina’s got problems with junk.”
”Do you know where she’d go to score at this time?” (0:38)

A woman on the street offers Nina a joint. She tells Manuela, “Ecstasy, coke.” (0:40)

Huma asks Manuela, “Could you get a tranquilizer for Nina?”
Manuela: “I’ve got Lexatin.” (0:45)

Manuela tells Rosa’s doctor, “She’s a social worker.” (0:49)

Manuela tells Huma, referring to Nina, “She’s bombed.” (0:52)

Manuela asks Rosa, referring to Lola, “Don’t you know she’s been shooting up for 15 years?” (0:55)

Manuela tells Huma, “It was crazy to wait in the rain...” (0:58)

Huma tells Manuela, referring to Nina, “She’s hooked on junk, but I’m hooked on her.” (1:01)

Rosa tells Huma that Manuela told her everything “About you and Nina, the junk...” (1:02)

Agrado asks Nina, “So you can get your fix?”
”Well, it’s all the drugs... and you trade it all for junk.”
”That fix didn’t agree with you.” (1:07)

Agrado tells actor Mario, “The whole company is obsessed with my cock.” (1:11)

Rosa’s father fails to recognize her. (1:20)

Funeral for Rosa. (1:22)