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All American Co-ed

CastFrances Langford, Johnny Downs, Marjorie Woodworth, Noah Beery Jr., Esther Dale, Harry Langdon, The Tanner Sisters
Year released1941
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Men performing dressed as women. Zeta fraternity brother Bob Sheppard dresses as woman Bobbie De Wolfe on and off throughout the film. (0:01)

Mar Brynn college president Matilda Collinge asks newspaperman Hap Holden, "Do you mean those mentally undernourished males at Quinceton cavorting as girls?" (0:06)

Matilda’s student niece Virginia Collinge tells Matilda and Hap, referring to a photograph, "The Tobacco Queen..." (0:10)

Quinceton Student Henry asks his Zeta fraternity brother, referring to brother Bob Sheppard, "Is he in a good mood?" (0:12)

Bob punches a fraternity brother on the chin. (0:13)

By telephone, a laundress tells Matilda, "... it must be my nerves."
”No, m’am, I ain’t crazy... I go crazy.” (0:24)

Matilda asks the laundress, "Are you crazy?" (0:25)

Bob tells Virginia, referring to Bobbie De Wolfe, "Confidentially, though, I don’t like her much." (0:30)

Mar Brynn student Bunny tells Virginia, referring to Bobbie, "I’m worried about her..." (0:32)

Bobbie pretends to faint. She slugs a man in the head. (0:36)

A dancing girl slaps Tiny in the face. (0:43)

Bob tells Virginia, "... honey, don’t worry about your show." (0:46)

Tiny and his friend Slinky faint. (0:46)

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