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All Fall Down

Eva Marie Saint, Warren Beatty, Karl Malden, Angela Lansbury, Brandon De Wilde, Constance Ford, Barbara Baxley, Evans Evans, Madame Spivy, Albert Paulsen, Paul Bryar, Robert Sorrells, Alice Allyn, Mary Benoit, John Burnside, James T. Callahan, William Challee, Georgine Cleveland, Buffy Dee, Bob Duggan
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The bartender asks Hedy,"Have you lost your feeble mind?"
Clinton Willart: ”Look, I’m no lush.”
Heddy tells Clinton, ”... my head hit the corner of the television set. I was unconscious...” (0:06)

A deputy sheriff tells Clinton, "Tell me, do you go around beating on dames too?" (0:09)

His older brother Berry-Berry asks Clinton, "Hey, you nuts?" (0:12)

Berry-Berry asks Mrs. Mandel, "How do you know I’m not some dangerous maniac that goes around killing beautiful women tike you?"
Mandel: ”Well, in that case I won’t have to take a sleeping pill tonight.” (0:15)

Clinton’s mother Annabel tells his father Ralph, referring to Clinton, "... I’m seriously considering sending him to some sort of psychiatrist."
”Some sort of a counselor.”
”You remember those very intelligent kids... One of them got put away in a mental institution.”
”Ralph, how do we know that Tolstoy was sane...?... Those notebooks are an obsession.” (0:23)

Annabel tells Clinton, referring to Ralph, "... he was as brilliant a man as I ever met, before he started committing suicide."
”Your father’s been committing suicide for the last thirty years: Bourbon.”
”That’s just nervousness on my part.” (0:28)

Annabel’s friend Bernice’s daughter Echo tells the others, "... Mama knows a lot about phrenology, you know." (0:32)

Echo asks Annabel, "Isn’t that crazy?"
”It’s crazy.”
Referring to her boyfriend: ”Well don’t let it depress you or anything, Annabel,.. He locked himself in his car, in his garage, and he left the motor running.” (0:39)

Berry-Berry strikes the teacher on the head. (0:47)

Annabel tells Clinton, "I’ve no patience with you, no patience at all."
Clinton, referring to a gift: ”I sent away to the Disabled War Veterans for ‘em.” (0:50)

By telephone, Annabel tell Berry-Berry, "Just don’t you worry." (1:00)

Annabel tells Ralph, "I’ve always worshiped you for the way you are in a crisis." (1:01)

Clinton tells his parents, referring to Berry-Berry, "Everybody’l just get nervous, and he’ll run away again." (1:11)

Annabel, referring to Clinton, "Now you don’t have to go making him a drunkard too, Ralph."
Ralph: ”Whom are you calling a drunkard, madam?” (1:14)

Berry-Berry tells Clinton, "You had a bad dream, huh?" (1:16)

Echo asks Annabel and Ralph, "Isn’t that crazy?" (1:20)

Clinton tells Echo, "I guess I was pretty crazy to think I had a chance." (1:22)

Echo: "Don’t worry about me, Berry-Berry."
”... why don’t you quit worrying about it...?” (1:31)

The family learns of Echo’s death in a car crash. (1:41)

A woman tells Berry-Berry, "... but when you’re drunk..." (1:46)

Berry-Berry tells Clinton, referring to Echo, "She did drive like a maniac." (1:47)

Reference in Wonder Boys