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All That Jazz

Roy Scheider, Jessica Lange, Leland Palmer, Ann Reinking
Richard Ariola | Bob Fosse | Elisabeth Kübler-Ross | Dexedrine | dextroamphetamine | marijuana
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Choreographer and director Joe (representing Bob Fosse himself) takes a pill from a prescription bottle labeled Dexedrine. (0:01, 0:22, 0:35, 0:45, 1:03)

Angelique asks Joe: "Also heavy into speed, aren't you?" (0:8)

Standup comic Davis Newman on TV reviews Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and her stages of dying. (0:11, 1:29, 1:42)

Standup comic in nightclub tells the psychiatrist joke in which the doctor requires a patient with "suicidal tendencies" to "pay in advance." (0:21)

After she asks him what he just swallowed (probably more Dexedrine), Joe lies to his daughter Michelle: "It's a mint." (0:32)

Newman smokes a joint before repeating his routine about Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and her stages of dying. (0:56)

Joe demonstrates denial of the seriousness of angina. (1:07)

Joe's hospital cardiologist Dr. Ballinger lectures in a medical case conference: "Everything he does seems to be a denial of his condition." (1:18)

To learn more about Bob Fosse's life and career (including a brief reference to psychiatrist Richard Ariola, MD) read: All His Jazz