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All the Light in the Sky

Jane Adams, Sophia Takal, Kent Osborne, Larry Fessenden, David Siskind
marijuana | ethyl alcohol
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Voice from computer: “In other words, I talk about what we call these things and that comprises a multitude of interests concerning oriental philosophy, psychotherapy, religion, mysticism, etc... A physician is always trying to get rid of his patients..." (0:00)

Actress Marie tells Dr. T. by telephone, "No, he's still in rehab... What am I gonna say, Hi, your dad's in rehab for, what, the 10th time..." (0:05)

Voice from computer: "Between Western psychologists, psychiatry, and psychotherapy..." (0:10)

Marie tells her niece, and aspiring actor, Nica's boyfriend via video feed, "I have insomnia." (0:22)

Marie tells Nica, "Like, can we just get through all this stuff that makes me nervous..." (0:26)

Dan tells Nica, "Yes, they're all transgendered." (0:28)

Dan smokes a bong. (0:29)

An engineer tells Marie, "What's happened in the course of my so-called recovery..." (0:43)

Marie tells Nica, "I was just stoned all the time." (0:55)

Her friend Rusty tells Marie, "It's enough to drive you crazy."
Marie: "I think you're projecting."
"You're drunk."
Rusty: "I'm not drunk."
Marie: "I think you're very drunk." (1:05)

Voice from computer: "There is a sense in which psychiatry and psychotherapy are becoming the religion of the West. Psychoanalysis has much in common with the forms and procedures of institutional religion." (1:11)

The engineer tells Marie, "Even ethanol..." (1:13)