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All or Nothing

Timothy Spall, Lesley Manville, Alison Garland, Marion Bailey, James Corden, Ruth Sheen, Paul Jesson, Kathryn Hunter, Sally Hawkins, Helen Coker, Sam Kelly
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Cemetery. (0:05)

Cab driver Phil tells his cashier wife Penny, referring to a fare, “He was drunk.” (0:12)

Samantha tells Craig, “You’re a... pervert.” (0:52)

Her boyfriend Jason tells Donna, “You’re... mental.” (1:00)

Phil asks fare Cécile, “Are you claustrophobic?” (1:07)

Her cashier friend Maureen tells Penny, referring to Samantha’s alcoholic mother Carol, “She was pissed as a fart.” (1:25)

Phil tells Penny, referring to their son Rory, “Well, they’ll have drugged him up, knocked him out ‘til morning.” (1:43)

Penny tells Phil, “I feel cut off all the time, lonely.” (1:57)