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All the Bright Places

CastElle Fanning, Justice Smith, Alexandra Shipp, Kelli O'Hara, Lamar Johnson, Virginia Gardner, Felix Mallard, Sofia Hasmik, Keegan-Michael Key, Luke Wilson
Year released2020
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Theodore “Theo” Finch finds Violet Markey standing on the rail of a high bridge. Contemplating suicide? (0:01)

Finch asks guidance counselor Robert Embry, "Do you mean... emotionally...?" 
Embry: ”Is this the grandma who’s died four times...?” 
”... you agreed to these... weekly counseling sessions...” (0:04)

Finch asks his friend Charlie, "... How high are you right now?" 
Finch answers his friend Brenda: ”Just admiring the social norms of teenage angst.” 
”Her... sister died, right?” (0:06)


Teacher Hudson: "Let’s focus up." (0:11)

Violet tells her friend Roamer, "... I love to rage." (0:15)

By telephone, Finch tells Violet, "It’s a quote: Virginia Woolf..." (0:17)

Finch asks Violet, "Suicidal?" 
”... They call me antisocial.” (0:18)

Violet tells Finch, "Okay, but no cars." 
”... I’m not getting in a car.” (0:22)

Violet Googles Virginia Woolf. (0:29)

Violet writes, after “Before I die I want to”, "Be brave." on a wall. (0:33)

Her friend Amanda tells Violet, referring to Finch, "He freaked out last year and threw a chair at Roamer..." (0:36)

Finch tells Embry, "Maybe if you got a fainting couch..." 
Embry: ”Did you look into that support group...?” 
”... it is confidential.” (0:38)

Violet describes the accident that killed her sister Eleanor. (0:45)

Violet: “... you don’t have to be so pushy.”
Finch: ”... assertive, bold, inspiring.”
Violet: ”Relentless, irritating, arrogant.” (0:51)

Finch’s friend Charlie tells Violet, "... I wouldn't even worry about it..." (0:56)

Finch tells Violet’s father James, "... I’m just trying to distract her..." (0:56)

Finch tells Violet, "My dad used to get in these dark moods." (1:04)

Finches head hits Charlie’s face
Student: ”He’s crazy.” (1:12)

Finch rages. (1:13)

Charlie tells Violet, "He just gets in this mood sometimes... everybody who gets close to him gets burned out." (1:13)

Support group: "I’m Lindsay... I’m OCD, and I just got diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder... Last year I started cutting myself..." 
The group leader tells Amanda: ”No worries...” 
”I’m Bradley... I am ADHD, OCD, BPD, DID and bipolar...” 
Finch: ”... I was there, but I wasn’t there. I was watching myself...” Dissociation?
”I’m Amanda. I’m bulimic. I’ve tried to kill myself twice...” (1:15)

His bartender sister Kate tells Finch, "Your girlfriend’s pretty worried about you..." 
Referring to their father: ”Well, the fact that he would beat the shit out of us kind of negated all the good times....” (1:19)

Finch tells Violet, "I’m trying to focus." 
Violet: ”Focus on what?” 
”Sometimes I go blank. I get into these dark moods. I think too fast to keep track of anything, then it’s like all my thoughts are gone at once... Sometime... I can focus and slow down...” (1:22)

Violet tells her father James, "... I was standing on a ledge..." 
”... I was confused...” (1:27)

Funeral for Finch in cemetery (1:31)

Violet reads a plaque in a chapel: "... It was built in memoriam to those who have lost their lives in auto accidents." (1:36)

Violet reads her essay: "I used to be worried about everything... I worried about life. I worried about what would happen if I let myself feel again... I wasn’t worried about what would happen if I lived. I was worried about what would happen if I didn’t... I worried about not remembering... Finch was a dreamer. He dreamt when he was awake..." (1:37)

Title: "This film is dedicated to those who have been impacted by mental health concerns, suicide, or grief." (1:42)

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