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Alpha Dog

Emile Hirsch, Justin Timberlake, Anton Yelchin, Shawn Hatosy, Ben Foster, Bruce Willis, Sharon Stone, Dominique Swain, Fernando Vargas, Paul Johansson, Olivia Wilde, Chris Marquette
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | amphetamine | diazepam | Valium | heroin-crack cocaine | marijuana
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Sonny tells an interviewer, “You can say it’s about drugs...”
Interviewer, referring to Sonny's son Johnny: “Your son was a drug dealer?”
Sonny: ”A drug dealer? No. Did he sell a little weed?”
Interviewer: ”A little weed?”
”What about the D.A.’s assertion that your son got his marijuana from you?” (0:04)

His wife Olivia tells Butch, referring to their son Jake, “Kid comes in here stoned out of his mind...” (0:13)

Partier: “I want to get high.”
Thug Frankie: “I’m... high, Dawg.” (0:15)

Jake tells Johnny, “... I walk on the guy for 150 bombs.”
”So, the bombs are no good. The X was... bunk.”
Frankie: ”... psycho, man.”
”Sit... down, you crazy bitch.” (0:18)

Jake’s brother Zack tells Jake and Jake’s girlfriend Wanda: “Wow, I’m drunk.”
Jake: “Look at his little one-hitter and his stress weed.”
Zack takes a toke from his bong and shares it with Wanda.
“She calls him “Wacky Zacky.”
Zack: “Wacky Zacky.” (0:23)

Jake tells Zack, “You’re hysterical.” (0:25)

His boss Pete tells Jake, referring to his probation officer, “He says you’ve been... using drugs, speed, mainly.”
Jake: “I’m... straight, man.”
Pete: “I need you to take a drug test.” (0:28)

Johnny’s thug Tiko tells Frankie, “... crackhead Mazursky took a sideways shit on the living room carpet.”
”Is that nuts, or what?” (0:32)

Johnny tells Tiko, “I don’t know, but I’ not standing here like a... idiot.”
”You guys are... idiots.” (0:35)

Butch asks Olivia, “What are you getting crazy about?”
Olivia: ”I am not crazy!”
Butch shows something to Zack, who tells him, “It’s a pipe.”
Butch: “It’s a bong.”
”You smoking pot?” (0:36)

Johnny calls Tiko, “... idiot.” (0:38)

Shaina lights a joint.
Chucky tells Frankie, “They’re “getting high...”
Frankie: “Smoking weed.”
Chucky shares his joint with Frankie. (0:39)

Frankie asks the other, “Are you nuts?... You guys are out of your... minds.”
Frankie tells Chucky, “Johnny’s just a little crazy right now.”
Chucky: “A little crazy right now?”
Hookah on a bookshelf (0:40)

Bobbie tokes a joint shared by Zack.
Johnny, referring to Jake: ”He must be going crazy right now.” (0:42)

Butch tells Jake, “It’s a madhouse.” (0:43)

A partier asks Jake, “Why are you trippin’, homes?” (0:45)

Frankie’s father Juergen tells Frankie, “Smoke a doobie with your old man.” (0:49)

Juergen tells Frankie, “I’m hungover like a bitch... I’m in no mood.” (0:50)

Frankie tells Zack that Juergen is “... a full-blown alcoholic, smokes like a chimney...”
He shows him Juergen’s marijuana plants.
Zack: “Dope.”
Frankie and Zach tend the plants. (0:51)

Keith tells the others, “Okay, let’s go smoke some... weed, man.” (0:53)

Julie smokes a waterpipe.
”Yeah, I’m high.” (0:54)

By telephone Johnny asks Frankie, “Are you crazy?” (0:54)

Susan asks the others, “Are you insane?”
Julie: “Susan, take a... Valium.”
Keith: “I’m gonna roll us the biggest... joint anyone’s ever seen.” (0:57)

Johnny tells Frankie, referring to Jake, sharing a joint, “Who knows what that crazy... is going to do?”
Frankie: “You know how I get with this anxiety shit.”
”Are you... insane? (1:00)

Her mother tells Susan, “I’m X-ing right now.” (1:06)

Zack smokes a joint while he tends a marijuana plant.
Frankie tells Susan, “That... is crazy.” (1:08)

Partier: “What... are you doing, crazy ass?”
Zack shares a joint with Julie. (1:11)

Frankie tells Keith, “You love weed.” (1:21)

Zack tells Frankie he’s watching “Austin Powers.” (1:25)

Sonny asks Johnny, “Don’t you... get it, you moron.” (1:27)

Frankie tells Zack, “Just stop freaking out.”
Frankie asks his thug Elvis, “Are you crazy?”
Frankie tells Zack, “Everybody’s nervous.” (1:35)

Olivia tells the interviewer, referring to Jake, “I happen to know he owes $50,000 to one drug dealer. They have their own rules in the drug world. They killed my son for $1200. When my son died, I died.”
Interviewer: “What made you try and kill yourself?”
Olivia: “You know, all three times I tried to commit suicide there was alcohol involved. When I tried to kill myself in the hospital, I did it wrong.” (1:39)

Buzz tells the interviewer, referring to Johnny, “This guy is talking about... all kinds of crazy shit, so we get to the border crossing, and he starts flipping out, going crazy... He was going out of his mind.” (1:49)