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Always Be My Maybe (2019)

CastAli Wong, Randall Park, James Saito, Michelle Buteau, Vivian Bang, Daniel Dae Kim, Keanu Reeves
Year released2022
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Wake for Judy Kim (0:05)

Sasha Tran tells Judy’s son Marcus, "I don’t need to know the words to know that it’s emotional..." (0:06)

Sasha tells Marcus, "I know that you’re hurting because you lost your mom.” (0:10)

Marcus answers his father Harry, "Smoking weed and dancing in front of a mirror... want a joint?" (0:14)

Marcus injects his father’’s shoulder. (0:15)

Harry tells Sasha, "Don’t worry." (0:20)

Marcus smokes a marijuana cigarette. (0:25)

Sasha tells her parents Sandy and Quoc, "... this is so crazy you guys are here." (0:27)

Her friend and employee Veronica tells Sasha, "I think they filmed some of Boys Don’t Cry here." (0:30)

Marcus tells his band’s guitar player Tony,".... I wanna smoke weed now..." (0:41)

Sasha tells Marcus, "From The Little Mermaid." 
”Are you insane?” (0:45)

Marcus tells Harry, "... all celebrities are insane..." (0:51)

Sasha tells Marcus, "... we had the most insane... sex..." (0:52)

Sasha tells Marcus and his girlfriend Jenny, "You guys look so shocked..." 
Keannu Reeves tells Jenny: ”The only stars that matter are the ones you look at when you dream.” 
Keanu tells Marcus,: ”I... followed my dream.” 
Referring to the check, ”It’s... less than a residual paycheck from my hit movie Speed.” (0:54)

Keanu: "You know, the stunt coordinator for John Wick taught me this game he invented..." 
Sasha tells Marcus, ”Oh, don’t worry...” 
Sasha answers Keanu: ”Gene Wilder.” 
Marcus: ”And Gene Wilder isn’t?” 
Keanu smashes a vase on his head
Marcus punches Keanu in the face. (1:02)

Marcus tells Sasha, "... you fill your life up with... these idiot boyfriends..." (1:08)

Marcus: "I punched Keanu Reeves." 
Sasha: ”In the face.” (1:11)

Sasha tells Marcus, "... I’m nervous. You thought the last event was crazy?" 
”... you smoke weed every night...” (1:16)

Sasha tells Marcus, "You are such a... coward." (1:19)

Harry asks Marcus, "You think I can’t stick a needle in my own ass?" 
Marcus: ”You lost Mom.” (1:21)

Marcus appears intoxicated. (1:23)

Tony tells Marcus, "You’re the most selfish person I've ever met." (1:23)

Marcus leaves a message for Sasha: "... our sales have gone through the roof, which is, like, totally crazy." (1:25)

Marcus tells a salesman, "Keanu Reeves... I punched him in the face." (1:29)

Marcus tells Sasha, "... I’m worried that I cheapened it..." (1:31)

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