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Always Shine

Mackenzie Davis, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Lawrence Michael Levine, Alexander Koch, Jane Adams
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A man tells actor Beth, "Don't worry, sweetheart." (0:02)

Her boyfriend asks Beth, "There, what, meth addicts? Zombie meth addicts on icicles?"
”Just the whole career obsession thing...” (0:05)

An auto mechanic tells Beth’s actor friend Anna, "Well, I apologize for the confusion..."
Anna: ”There is no confusion.” (0:08)

Anna tells Beth, "I mean, this is crazy." (0:22)

Anna tells Beth, "And so, of course, I started like hysterically crying..." (0:24)

Anna tells Beth, "Oh, Jesus, you're as drunk as I am." (0:29)

Anna reads a line from the script to Beth, "You're a... retard." (0:44)

By telephone, Beth tells Paul, referring to Anna, "Then she got so crazy and intense about it,"
”I am telling you, she's acting completely... crazy.” (0:53)

Anna tells Beth, "You're a... phony and a narcissist..." (0:55)

Artist/bartender Jesse asks Anna, "You think I'm trying to get you drunk? I'm not trying to get you drunk." (1:02)