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Magali Noël, Bruno Zanin, Pupella Maggio
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The history teacher tells student Titta, “You drive me crazy.” (0:15) 

One student tells another, “You’re crazy.”
The math teacher asks a student, “Are you crazy?” (0:17)

Titta’s mother Miranda: “I'm going crazy. I'm going mad!”
”I'll put strychnine in your soup!”
Titta's mother Maranda, arguing with his father Aurelio about Titta's behavior, says, "But I'll kill myself first." Aurelio replies, "You'll see! I'll kill myself first!" He then appears to attempt suicide by tearing his own jaws apart. (0:29)

Titta tells Father Balosa, referring to the town beauty, “I’m crazy about Gradisca.” (0:38)

Titta’s grandfather tells Titta’s uncle Teo, referring to Titta, “And that one got dead drunk the other night.”

The rest of the family stops to pick up "mad uncle" Teo from a psychiatric hospital  for an outing. He shows off stones he keeps in his pockets, and he neglects to open his pants when he urinates, thus wetting his pants. (1:07) How might you diagnose him?
Titta, referring to a turkey: “Look uncle. I’m hypnotizing it.” (1:13)

Grandfather tells the carriage driver, “And it won’t give you a hangover.” (1:14)

Grandfather: “Aurelio, don’t you go crazy on me too!” (1:16)

The tobacconist tells Titta, “You’ll drop me, you crazy boy!”
”You’re crazy.”

Staff from the psychiatric hospital dressed in white arrive to get Teo down. "Some days he's normal. Some days he's not. Just like the rest of us." (1:21)
”Drive me crazy... just a little.” (139)  

Titta tells the motorcyclist, “You’ll make us all deaf, idiot!” (1:47)

Gradisca calls Titta’s uncle Lallo, “Idiot!” (1:50)

Titta grieves when he learns that Miranda has died. (1:53) A funeral is held. Lallo faints.

Wedding guest: “When you’re drunk, you can even rhyme!”
”Stop falling all over us you drunkard.” (1:58)