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CastAudrey Tautou, Mathieu Kassovitz, Rufus, Lorella Cravotta, Serge Merlin, Jamel Debbouze, Clotilde Mollet, Claire Maurier, Isabelle Nanty, Dominique Pinon
Year released2001
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Narrator: “Meanwhile... returning from his best friend's funeral, Eugene Colere erased him from his address book.” (0:01)

Narrator: "Deprived of playmates, slung between a neurotic and an iceberg, Amélie retreats into her imagination.” (0:05)

Narrator, referring to Amélie's goldfish: “Alas, the home environment has made Blubber suicidal."
Blubber jumps out of his bowl.
"Blubber's suicide attempts destroy Mother’s nerves." (0:06)

Narrator: “Minutes later, heaven sends... a tourist from Quebec bent on ending her life.”
The tourist jumps from a Notre Dam tower, killing Amélie’s mother Amandine. Referring to Amélie’s father Raphael: "He's obsessed with building a miniature shrine to house his wife's ashes." (0:09)

Narrator: “Georgette, the tobacconist, is a hypochondriac, migraines one day, sciatica the next.” (0:10)

Landlady Madeleine tells Amélie, referring to her dog's reaction to her husband's death, "Black Lion died of heartbreak." (0:17)

Grocer Collignon suggests to Amélie that his helper has the "mental age of a cretin.”
Narrator: “The ‘cretin’ is Lucien.”
Collignon: “Go see my mother. She has an elephant's memory." (0:19)

Collignon's father tells Amélie, "I'm senile."
Collignon’s mother: “He’s senile.” (0:20)

Waitress Gina tells Restaurant owner Suzanne, referring to customer Joseph, "He's gonna drive me berserk."
Suzanne tells Georgette, "It's not my stomach. It's my memory." (0:25)

Pallbearers carry a casket down stairs. (0:27)

Amélie imagines a television report on her death: Pallbearers push a coffin onto a hearse, followed by “a countless throng of mourners lined her funeral route in silence...” The reporter then refers to the death of her father while men lower his coffin into the ground and Amélie sobs at the cemetery. (0:37)

Georgette tells Amélie, referring to Joseph, “Whoever her new one is he can’t be worse than that nut with his tape recorder.”
Amélie: “Joseph’s not so nutty.”
Georgette: To keep on coming here, he must be a masochist.” (0:45)

Collignon tells a customer, referring to Lady Diana's death, "The trucker had 2.8 grams of alcohol in his blood!... Talk about employing irresponsible moron!” (0:51)

An author tells Amélie and Suzanne about his book: It's about a guy who... gets depressed and does nothing." (0:53)

Amélie tells Raphael, "I had two heart attacks, an abortion, did crack while I was pregnant." (0:56)

Narrator: "It's called a reality check." (0:57)

Lucien says for recluse Raymond, “Collignon, big moron!"
"Collignon, big moron..." (1:03)

Collignon dials a number: "Psychiatric help line." (1:25)

Narrator, referring to Nino, "When he came to he'd lost his memory." (1:35)

Amélie imagines a television drama about her life: “If Amélie chooses to live in a dream and remain an introverted young woman..." (1:40) 

Georgette, referring to Joseph: "He's driving me nuts."
"Psychos are the last straw." (1:46)

How might you diagnose Amélie? Schizoid personality disorderanthropophobia, or just shy?

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