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American Dreamer

JoBeth Williams, Tom Conti, Giancarlo Giannini
opium, raw
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Contest winner Cathy suffers a head injury when she is hit by a car in Paris. (0:23)

Cathy identifies herself to a nurse as character Rebecca Ryan. (0:25)

Diplomat Don Carlos prepares a syringe to "terminate myself." (0:39)

Author Alan reads "Problems of the Mind" by Dr. Wolfgang Dietrich. [As far as I can determine the producers invented this book and author for the film.] (0:47)

Triggered by a familiar conversation, then after confrontation by her husband Kevin, Cathy begins to recall her true identity. (1:13, 1:24)

Drug kingpin Victor tells Cathy and Alan, "For a couple of centuries it was tea and opium. Nowadays it's cocaine and heroin." (1:32)