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American Gangster

CastDenzel Washington, Russell Crowe, Cuba Gooding Jr., Ruby Dee, Josh Brolin, RZA, John Ortiz, John Hawkes, Yul Vazquez, Carla Gugino, Norman Reedus, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kadee Strickland, Roger Bart, Common, Ted Levine
Year released2007
Spoiler alert

Spoiler alert!

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Drug dealer Frank Lucas (0:01)

Gangster Bumpy Johnson (0:01)

Reporter: “Bumpy Johnson... Harlem crime figure Nicky Barnes...” (0:04)

Detective Richie tells Detective Jay about his “fear of people... public speaking.” Performance anxiety or social phobia? (0:07)

One detective asks another, “Are you nuts?” (0:13)

Men take drug from the evidence room. (0:14)

“This is the French connection dope... the same dope...” (0:15)

Girl injects a man’s arm.”
“Cops keep cuttin’ it...” (0:17)

Gangster Tango tells Frank, “Look, don’t sell dope then.” (0:18)

Reporter: “The drug problem in Vietnam is more than marijuana. At this point it is estimated that one third of American troops are experimenting with opium and heroin. The authorities say they’ve confiscated large quantities of marijuana, heroin and pills... Soldiers have access to the drugs... high purity of heroin throughout Saigon and the far East is leading to an epidemic of heroin addiction among U.S. soldiers.” (0:19)

Man, referring to Richie, “... crazy man.”
Richie’s wife Laurie: “You are crazy, Richie.” (0:22)

Soldier injecting his arm. (0:25)

Kingpin Khun Sa tells Frank, “You think you’re going to take 100 kilos of heroin into the U.S....”
”He must be insane.” (0:28)

Frank tells his cousin Nate, “So if that dope don’t arrive...” (0:30)

Drug paraphernalia on table. (0:33)

Jay asks Richie, “... crazy world, right”
”That guy was a dealer, a... dealer.”
Richie: “That guy pulled a gun on a junkie, a junkie who was trying to rob him.”
Jay: “I can get off this shit...” (0:34)

Drugs in packages. (0:37)

Cutting and packaging heroin. A woman cooks to inject. A man injects his arm. (0:38)

Richie examines a packet of heroin. (0:42)

Richard Nixon on television: “America’s public enemy number one in the United States is drug abuse.”
Reporter: “... narcotics bureau...” (0:42)

Federal agent Toback tells Richie, “The Special Narcotics bureau in Washington is not a dog and pony show." (0:43)

Frank tells his mother “From memory.” (0:46)

Detective Freddie, “They’re insane Richie, like you... He knows dope.” (0:47)

Drug preparation operation. (0:49)

Richie: “This is the newly formed Essex County Narcotics Squad... Heroin, cocaine, amphetamines. No grass under 1000 pounds.” (0:51)

Det. Jones tests drug. He says it is “twice the potency... strong enough to smoke.” (0:53)

Nicky Barnes. (0:54)

Richie: “Hey, which one of you guys has ever seen Icepick Paul selling drugs?”
”Seen him handle drugs.” (0:59)

Drug exchanges. (1:10)

Man snorts cocaine. (1:11)

Frank tells his brother Huey, referring to his cousin, “He don’t feel shit, ‘cause he’s coked up all the... time.” (1:12)

Kingpin Dominic tells Frank, referring to his customers, “... bunch of... junkies that they are.” (1:15)

Television: “And Woody Allen...” (1:18)

Richie tells the other detectives, “These businesses are the distribution and collection points for Frank’s dope and Frank’s money.”
Det. Toback: “Not the typical day in the life of a dope man Richie.”
”Whoever is bringing the heroin in.” (1:26)

Junkies inject, nod. (1:30)

Nicky Barnes snorts cocaine from a mirror. (1:32)

Frank tells Nicky, “When you chop my dope down..” (1:33)

Richie tells Toback, “You know, I don’t think they want this to stop. I think it employs too many people, judges, lawyers, cops, prison guards, probation officers. They stop bringing dope into this country about 100,000 people are gonna be out of a job.” (1:35)

His friend Joe tells Richie, “Just leave Frank Lucas alone. (1:39)

Laurie tells Richie, “Drug money... nobody’s gonna miss.” (1:41)

Richie tells Trupo, “Everybody in New Jersey’s crazy.” (1:50)

Dominic: “Frank, it was a junkie.” (1:51)

Khun Sa tells Frank, “Opium plants are hardy enough to outlive any war.” (1:54)

Agent tells Richie and Toback, “ ... the military is smuggling narcotics... the United States Army is in the drug trafficking business.”

Richie: “There is dope on that plane.”
Agent: “... the entire federal narcotics program is now in jeopardy of being dismantled...”
Richie: “I had good information that the target of my investigation was bringing dope in on that plane.”
”... that Frank Lucas is above the mafia in the dope business... to transport pure #4 heroin into the United States...” (2:01)

Heroin removed from caskets. Spearman: “That’s the dope. That’s got to be the dope.” (2:07)

Richie tells Lou by telephone, “They’re cuttin’ and baggin’...”
Drug operation. (2:08)

Gangster: “... junkie.” (2:13)

Richie, now as prosecutor, addresses the court: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the state will show, and you will hear that Frank Lucas is the most dangerous man walking the streets of our city.” (2:18)

Frank tells Richie, “Them dope fiends is gonna shoot it...”
Richie: “I’ve got... all bought with money from heroin... Addicts who OD’d on your product...” (2:20)

Reporters: “Four police officers were arrested today on charges of taking bribes from drug traffickers...”
“... swept New York’s drug enforcement ranks.”
”... police officers assigned to drug enforcement have engaged in some form of corruption.”
”... narcotics squad...”
”... members of... narcotics unit will face sentencing today...” (2:25)

Trupo places a revolver muzzle to his chin and pulls the trigger. (2:26)

Title: “Frank Lucas was convicted of Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics and sentenced to 70 years.”
”Frank and Richie’s collaboration led to the convictions of three quarters of New York City’s Drug Enforcement Agency.”
”Thirty members of Frank’s family were convicted of drug trafficking and sent to prison.” (2:27)

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