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American Heart

John Boylan, Jeff Bridges, Edward Furlong, Greg Sevigny, Jayne Entwistle, Willie Williams, Roosevelt Franklin, Melvyn Hayward, Don Harvey, Kit McDonough
Jack London | marijuana
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Parole officer Normandy tells parolee Jack, “Keep your piss clean...” (0:09)

Jack throws his son Nick a book: “Jack London.” (0:13)

Jack asks Normandy, “What, do you think I’m a pervert?”
”I come to your place, and you drunk...”
He hands Jack a jar for a urine drug screen. (0:35)

Jack tells Nick, “Jack London...” (0:40)

Jack sees two joints fall on the floor. He asks Nick, “What’re you messin’ with that weed for?”
Nick: “Marijuana has medicinal purposes.” (1:16)

A pedophile picks Nick up on the street. (1:29)

Jack dies in Nick’s arms. (1:50)

Would Jack qualify as a sociopath? What about Rainey?