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American Hustle

Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence, Louis C.K., Jack Huston, Michael Peña, Shea Whigham, Alessandro Nivola, Elisabeth Röhm, Paul Herman, Saïd Taghmaoui, Matthew Russell, Thomas Matthews, Adrian Martinez, Anthony Zerbe, Colleen Camp
marijuana | cocaine
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Con artist Irving tells his wife Rosalyn, “Yes, I fell in love, my god I fell in love, but you know I thought you were mysterious like my mother until it turned out that mysterious just meant depressed...”
Rosalyn: ”You know that I get anxiety when I have to meet people."
Irving: “She was the Picasso of passive aggressive karate...” (0:22)

FBI agent Richie tells con artist Sydney, “People hang themselves... It’s like a... asylum... Am I crazy?” (0:27)

Hookah on a table in Carl’s office. (0:38)

Irving tells Richie, “Now you’re getting a little power drunk.” (0:44)

Sydney lights a joint. (0:52)

Rosalyn tells mayor Carmine's wife Dolly, “Moving. It’s my new obsession.”
”That’s what hooks you.”
”It makes me look more drunk than I am.” (0:55)

By telephone Carmine tells Rosalyn, referring to Irving, “Tell him he’s crazy.”
Carmine: “You’re crazy.” (1:10)

Richie snorts something. Cocaine? (1:13)

A mobster mumbles something about "a psychiatrist." (1:20)

Richie tells Sydney, “Last night was insane.”
“You are freaking me out.”
FBI agent Stoddard, Richie's boss, tells Richie by telephone, ”I said no wacko.”
”That’s... crazy.” (1:28)

Stoddard tells federal prosecutor Anthony, “I believe that he was intoxicated.”
Anthony: ”That’s crazy."
Even to entrap Tellegio that's crazy.” (1:36)

Congressman John tells the others, ”Bankers only put money in the game when they can reap insane profit.” (1:42)