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American Meth

Val Kilmer
amphetamine | methamphetamine
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This documentary focuses on epidemic use of methamphetamine in the western US, but contains no footage of using, dealing, or production of the drug. Val Kilmer, who starred in The Salton Sea, a film that touches on meth, narrates.

The Faces of Meth project of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office (0:07)

Review of history of the drug: First synthesis of amphetamine in Germany in 1887 by Lazar Edeleanu; first synthesis of methamphetamine by Akira Ogata in Japan in 1919; Adolf Hitler's use of the drug. The Benzedrine inhaler (which actually delivered racemic amphetamine, not methamphetamine, as implied by the narrator) (0:09)

Ingredients used in illicit production of methamphetamine (0:11)

The anti-meth media campaign in Montana (0:20)

Trial on charges related to meth (0:22)

Treatment of meth addiction (0:30)

"Meth mouth" (0:33)

A few days in the life of a family afflicted by methamphetamine addiction (0:38). Family history of addiction (0:43). Mom talks about her relationship with meth (0:45). The story ends with the familiy attempting a geographical cure. (1:01)