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Amour Fou (2014)

CastBirte Schnoink, Christian Friedel, Stephan Grossmann, Sandra Hüller, Holger Handtke, Barbara Schnitzler, Alissa Wilms, Paraschiva Dragus, Peter Jordan, Katharina Schüttler, Gustav Peter Wöhler, Marie-Paule von Roesgen, Marc Bischoff
Year released2014
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Henriette Vogel tells her husband, referring to poet Heinrich von Kleist, "He has written about a marquise who, while unconscious, is impregnated by an unknown man..." (0:01)

Henriette tells her husband, referring to Heinrich, "He seems to have a rather melancholic disposition. He depresses me." (0:07)

His cousin Marie tells Heinrich, referring to a doctor, "He healed a woman who was blinded by a shock and now she can see again."
Heinrich: ”First I’d shoot you, and then myself.” (0:08)

Heinrich tells Henriette, "... I am not looking for a partner in life, but rather in death." (0:18)

Henrietta asks her mother, "But you do not worry about me? If Pauline were ill, I would be beside myself with worry." (0:22)

Henrietta’s mother tells Heinrich, "What useless hypochondria." (0:25)

Henrietta tells a healer, "Something is depressing and destroying my mood, making me anxious and sad." (0:28)

Healer: "The patient can’t remember anything she says or does during the treatment... In a magnetic sleep the patient utters things that she would never say in a waking state."
”This treatment requires a number of sessions....”
Henrietta’s husband: ”Is the treatment working then?” (0:30)

The doctor reads a letter from Doctor Keinast to the Vogel family: "The patient is suffering from an incurable ulcer or tumor... It appears to have been present in the patient’s abdomen for some time... has caused the faintings and spasms that the patient has suffered. The patient should be treated according to the advice of the family doctor..." (0:35)

Adam Müller tells Heinrich, "Don’t worry, my friend." (0:53)

Heinrich tells Marie, "Perhaps not because of your marriage, but because I decided to end myself."
”Dying with you would be a happy end to my constant suffering on this earth.”
Marie: ”... you are starting to spoil my good mood.” (0:59)

Henrietta reads a letter from Heinrich: "My hope to die together with you is stronger than ever." (1:02)

Heinrich tells Henrietta, "I was a fool, blinded, selfish... First I will shoot you and then myself." (1:03)

Her husband tells Henrietta, "I met a doctor there who specializes in illnesses of the spirit, similar to Mesmer, who is well known here in Berlin."
”... he thought that your condition may be a nervous disorder after all...” (1:05)

Henrietta tells her husband, "I feel as if an outside force was controlling me... as if I was hypnotized by a hypnotist, and I cannot awaken from the trance..." (1:11)

Henrietta tells Heinrich, "Vogel found a doctor who knows a treatment for the ulcer, or for the fainting fits at least." (1:13)

Heinrich places the muzzle of a pistol to his head and pulls the trigger twice, but neither time does it fire. (1:21)

Her husband and Pauline adjust to the death of Henrietta. (1:22)

The doctor tells the others, "So it would seem it really was a nervous disorder." (1:27)

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