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An Unmarried Woman

CastJill Clayburgh, Alan Bates, Michael Murphy, Cliff Gorman, Patricia Quinn, Linda Miller, Andrew Duncan, Raymond J. Barry, Michael Tucker, Paul Mazursky, Vincent Schiavelli, David Rasche
Year released1978
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Art gallery worker Erica tells her stockbroker husband, “You’re going crazy, Martin.” (0:02)

Martin tells Erica, “Jesus, I quit smoking.”
”You know... my blood pressure goes up 20 points from the anxiety of having to take the exam.” (0:04)

Elaine tells the others, “I’m drunk, and I’m giddy...”
Jeannette: ”You think I’m going crazy, don’t you?”
Elaine: “Crazy?”
”They’re all wrapped up in sexual ego.”
Sue: ”What the hell is sexual ego, Elaine?” (0:08)

Martin tells Erica, referring to Jeannette, “She’s flipped.”
”Elaine makes me very nervous.”
Erica: “Martin, I’m not in the mood.”
”It’s wonderful when you’re in the mood, and I’m in the mood...”
Martin: “I’m anxious all the time...”
Erica: “You should see a psychiatrist.”
”Jeannette’s crazy.” (0:12)

Erica asks her daughter Patti, “Are you taking a psych course this year?” (0:19)

Elaine tells the others, “Depression has a way of getting nice and comfortable. There are days when I really enjoy my black moods.”
Erica: “I’m depressed.” (0:30)

Erica tells Patti, “That’s crazy.”
Patti: “Then I’m crazy.” (0:32)

By telephone Patti tells her boyfriend Phil, “Star Wars.” (0:33)

Erica tells Dr. Jacobs, “Maybe I should take Valium or something.”
”Maybe I should see a psychiatrist, Arthur.”
Jacobs: “You’d have to be crazy to feel good... and I’m not saying you shouldn’t see a psychiatrist.”
Erica: “I’m not in the mood for men, Arthur.” (0:34)

Erica tells Elaine, “This is crazy.”
Hal tells Elaine, “Boy, that’s a nervous lady.” (0:42)

Public relations professional Bob tells Erica, “You feel very disoriented.”
Referring to Martin: ”He must be out of his mind.”
”You’re paranoid.”
”I’m crazy about you.” (0:43)

Erica tells Patti, “It’s just confusing.” (0:47)

Erica in psychotherapy session (0:49)

Psychotherapist Tanya tells Erica, “Maybe the confusion that you’re feeling now will clear up.” (0:52)

Erica tells Martin, “I’m seeing a therapist...”
Martin: “Who’s the therapist?”
”You have a lousy shrink.”
”You’re flippin’.” (0:54)

Jeannette: “I never had any self-esteem.”
Elaine: “Self-esteem. I could write a book on self-esteem: ‘Self-esteem and the American Woman’.”
”Aunt Elaine is just a manic-depressive.”
Erica, referring to Patti: “She’s confused about Martin.” (0:56)

Erica in psychotherapy session.
Tanya: “It’s really okay to feel anything... depression.”
Erica: “I feel guilty about my feelings.”
Tanya, referring to feelings: “They have no I.Q.” (1:00)

Erica tell her sculptor friend, “Charlie, I’m very nervous. Your talking is just making me more nervous.” (1:11)

Jeannette tells the others, “I’m stoned.” (1:22)

Her artist lover Saul tells Erica, “Well, whenever you put about 50 artists together in one room you get... paranoia...”
Erica, referring to Tanya: “That was my therapist.” (1:23)

Erica: “You’re drunk, Charlie.”
Charlie: “Yes, and stoned.” (1:26)

Erica tells Saul, “This is craziness.” (1:37)

Patti tells Erica and Saul, “Booze is worse than grass. I smoke grass once in a while.” (1:43)

Patti tells Erica, “I guess I’m just nervous.” (1:44)

Erica tells Martin, “Well, you know, I’ve, uh, stopped seeing my therapist...”
Martin: “It’s craziness.” (1:48)

Saul tells Erica, “I think we need a marriage counselor.” (1:52)

Erica: “It’s confusing, Elaine.”
Elaine: “Since I started taking lithium, I feel more sensible than this month’s Good Housekeeping. No more black, moody lows, but I sure as hell miss my highs.”
Erica: “Oh, it’s crazy.” (1:56)

Saul tells Erica she’s, “Driving me crazy.” (1:59)

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