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And So It Goes

Michael Douglas, Diane Keaton, Sterling Jerins, Frances Sternhagen, Rob Reiner
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Realtor Oren drives into a cemetery and visits the grave of his wife Sarah Elizabeth. (0:02)

Oren tells singer Leah, “My wife died of cancer.” (0:13)

His son Luke asks Oren, “Or did you put a picture of a kid who’s not an addict in that room?” Oren: “The only reason you rolled down is that you were so high that you passed out and hit your head on the gravestone.”
Luke: ”Well I’m sober now.”
Heroin’s an ugly drug.” (0:16)

Leah cries, grieving the loss of her husband Eugene. (0:20)

Oren tells realtor Claire, referring to Luke, “He wasn’t thinking, or he wouldn’t have shown up stoned at his mother’s funeral.” (0:26)

Leah tells her neighbor Kate, “Really, I don’t think he’s gotten over his wife’s death.” (0:33)

Leah tells Oren, “You’re insane.” (0:35)

His granddaughter Sarah asks Oren, “Are you a hoarder?” (0:36)

Oren tells Kate’s two boys, “You’re making me nervous.” (0:44)

Oren “She’s clean.”
Leah: “Clean?”
Oren.”She’s not doing heroin anymore.”
Leah: ”You’re sending her to live with a junky?”
Oren: ”Former junky.” (0:45)

Oren tells Leah, referring to Luke, “The only thing he did really well was take drugs.” (0:52)

Leah asks Oren, “Are you nuts?” (1:01)

Pianist Artie: “That run you had in the second chorus was just, as the kids say, cray.”
Leah: “What does ‘cray’ mean?”
Artie: “Crazy. Crazy.”
Leah: ”Crazy!” (1:07)

Claire tells Ted, referring to a customer, “He’s stalking Oren for a shakedown.” (1:12)

Oren visits Sarah Elizabeth’s grave. (1:25)