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And the Angels Sing

Dorothy Lamour, Fred MacMurray, Betty Hutton
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Pattie Angel tells her father, "If I have to spend another afternoon with those Flanigan brats I shall go mad... stark raving mad." (0:03)

Josie tells her sister Bobby, "If you think I intend to squander my talents... you’re mad... completely and utterly mad."
Sister Nancy: ”... I don’t intend to stand up... while a bunch of lunatics bounce around a dance floor.” (0:07)

Josie strikes a man on the head, rendering him unconscious. (0:10)

Fuzzy asks his bandleader friend Happy Marshall, "Are you crazy, Hap?"
”It’s my mad money.” (0:18)

Fuzzy tells Happy, "Please, I’m worried."
”That’s why I’m worried.” (0:20)

Happy tells Bobby, "I told you you didn’t have anything to worry about."
Nancy’s cab driver boyfriend Oliver tells Bobby, referring to Nancy,: ”She was worried about you.” (0:28)

Nancy: "I’m not worried about Bobby."
Patti: ”Oh, don’t worry about Oliver.” (0:30)

Fuzzy: "What I have to go through, just to become a nervous wreck." (0:31)

Nancy tells Bobby, "Don’t worry, darling." (0:34)

Nancy, referring to Bobby, "We’ve gotta sober her up." (0:35)

Josiei: "I wonder what the sane people are doing this morning."
”Nancy, are you crazy?” (0:35)

Nancy: "Look, Pop’ll be worried." (0:43)

Nancy tells Happy, "Don’t worry..."
Referring to Bobby: ”... then you took her out, got her drunk, and stole her money...”
Happy strikes a man in the head with his fist.
Nancy tells Happy, ”Don’t worry.” (0:47)

Daddy Angel tells Bobby, referring to Nancy, "Oh, stop worrying."
Josie: ”When they stop rationing hangovers, this family’s gonna get a C card.” (0:53)

Patti asks Boby, "Who has to get drunk now?" (1:00)

A bill collector strikes Happy on the head with a sap, rendering him unconscious. (1:02)

Fuzzy tells Bobby, referring to Happy, "He’s crazy about you, crazy." (1:12)

Fuzzy tells Happy, "... now you’re losing your mind." (1:26)