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Angel Heart

Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet, Charlotte Rampling, Stocker Fontelieu, Brownie McGhee, Michael Higgins, Elizabeth Whitcraft, Eliott Keener, Charles Gordone, Dann Florek
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Attorney Herman tells private detective Harry, “An unfortunate husband of one of Pastor John’s flock took a gun to his head.” (0:06)

Louis tells Harry and Herman, “Amnesia, I think you call it.”
Harry: “Shell shock?”
Louis: “Shell shock.”
Herman: “There was some sort of radical psychiatric treatment involved.” (0:09)

Harry tells a nurse, “The Institute is conducting a survey of incurable trauma cases, and I understand that you have a patient here fitting that description.” (0:12)

Harry finds eight bottles labeled “MORPHINE SULPHATE” in a refrigerator. Harry asks physician Albert, “About time for your evening fix?”
“Which you won’t do in case they discover your little opium den you got in the icebox there.”
Albert: “I’m perfectly entitled to keep pharmaceuticals at home.
Harry: “How long you been hooked?”
Albert: “I vaguely remember treating a patient of that name many years ago.”
Harry: ”I’ve seen works cookin’ upstairs...”
Albert: “I haven’t seen him since he was a patient in the war.”
Harry: “The sooner you get out with it, the sooner you can shoot yourself to Palookaville.”
Albert: “But he still suffered from acute amnesia.”
”That was to maintain the pretense that he was still a patient in the hospital.”
”I have only a vague memory.”
Harry: “Maybe a few hours cold turkey will refresh your memory.” (0:16)

Harry picks up one of the morphine bottles. He finds the lifeless body of Albert, an apparent suicide.” (0:23)

Harry tells his girlfriend Connie, “I got some kind of a religious loony for a client.” (0:34)

Harry visits a graveyard. (0:51)

Detective Deimos tells Harry, “There ain’t nothing worse for a cop than people who get killed for nutso reasons.” (1:31)

Harry tells devil worshipper Ethan, “A couple of your morons with a matching poodle have been chasing me around for days.”
”Hey, twelve years ago you and your daughter snatched Favorite out of some nut hatch up in Poughkeepsie. You paid a junky doctor 25 grand to pretend Johnny was still a turniphead.”
Ethan: “My daughter was obsessed.” (1:35)

Harry asks Louis, “You think posing as the devil, just ‘cause it scared... that nutty old man... You think it’s gonna scare me?”
”You’re crazy.”
Louis: “No one will mourn one less lawyer in the world.” (1:44)