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Angela's Ashes

Emily Watson, Robert Carlyle, Joe Breen, Ciaran Owens, Michael Legge, Ronnie Masterson, Pauline McLynn, Liam Carney, Eanna MacLiam, Andrew Bennett, Shane Murray-Corcoran
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Frank’s parents Angela and Malachy mourn the death of their infant daughter Margaret. (0:02)

Malachy tells his sons, referring to fleas, “They’re ready for the lunatic asylum... to drive us out of our wits entirely.” (0:13)

The twin Oliver dies. (0:17)

A horse drawn hearse travels to the cemetery. Burial of Oliver. (0:19)

Drunk Malachy staggers in the street. (0:20)

The twin Eugene dies. (0:24)

Frank finds his father Malachy having a pint on Eugene’s coffin. (0:26)

Angela: “If we hadn’t have moved I’d have gone out of my mind and ended up in the lunatic asylum.” (0:27)

Malachy tells his sons his picture of a Pope was “No doubt thrown away by some idiot that had no time for the working man.” (0:30)

Malachy comes home drunk. (0:39)

Frank, as narrator: “If me mates saw me making a pure idiot out of myself at the Irish dancing I’d be disgraced forever.” (0:51)

Frank swoons. (1:04)

Frank tells Angela, “He’s over there drunk in England.” (1:26)

Angela tells Malachy, “Go and see a man, but don’t be coming home here drunk singing your stupid songs.” (1:29)

Pallbearers carry Frank’s Grandma Sheehan in her coffin. (1:37)

Frank, referring to his mother’s cousin: “Laman Griffin was drunk every night.” (1:45)

Aggie, referring to Uncle Pat: “How did you let him get this drunk?” (1:51)

Frank: “I heard that sick people like Theresa know that they haven’t long to live and so it makes them mad for love and romance and dirty things in general.” (1:55)

To Angela Frank refers to his brother as “Mad Malachy.” (2:00)

Frank follows a funeral procession into the graveyard, grieving the death of his lover Theresa. “I never had a pain like this in my heart, and I hope I never will again.” (2:02)

Moneylender Mrs. Finucane tells Frank, “There are people in the lunatic asylum who can read and write.” (2:03)

Frank staggers home drunk. (2:06)

Angela tells Frank, referring to his father, “You’re just like him, you drunken...”
”You’re drunk.”
”You’ve a mouth on you worse than your drunken idiot father.”
Frank: “Better to be like my drunken idiot father than like... Laman Griffin.” (2:07)

Aggie tells the others, referring to a lunar eclipse, “We’d look a right shower of idiots if we missed that.” (2:16)