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The Angels' Share

Paul Brannigan, Siobhan Reilly, John Henshaw, Gary Maitland, William Ruane, Jasmin Riggins, Scott Dymond, Roger Allam
ethyl alcohol
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Lawyer in court, referring to defendant Albert: “The accused was at an unmanned station under the influence of a strong fortified wine.”
Voice over public address system tells Albert, ”Look what you’ve done now you... imbeciile.” (0:00)

Defense attorney: “It seems clear this offense was committed, unfortunately, through depression...”
Attorney: ”Climbing the statue of the Duke of Wellington in the city center the accused was under the influence of drink and drugs.” (0:03)

Robbie tells Harry he named his girlfriend Leonie’s father Matt “Psycho-balls.” (0:16)

Crime victim Anthony tells the others, referring to his assailant Robbie, “The police said the guy was coked up to the eyeballs.” (0:24)

Robbie and others clean up a graveyard. (0:45)

Robbie asks his friend, “Are you... mad Mo?” (0:54)

Robbie tells supervisor Harry, “Psycho-balls offered me five grand.” (0:59)

Rhino tells Albert, “You are a... idiot.”
”That’s right, but you’re just a... idiot.” (1:30)

Robbie tells the others, “Thaddeus is gonna go mental.” (1:31)

Albert tells the others, “Let’s get wasted.” (1:38)