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Anger Management (2003)

CastAdam Sandler, Jack Nicholson, Marisa Tomei, Luis Guzmán, Allen Covert, Lynne Thigpen, Kurt Fuller, Jonathan Loughran, Krista Allen, January Jones, Woody Harrelson, John Turturro, Kevin Nealon
Year released2003
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Blog entry

Bully Arnie's sister in a straight jacket. (0:02)

Judge Daniels tells executive assistant Dave, "... to prevent further acts of rage this court orders you to unundergo 20 hours of anger management therapy."
Psychologist (?) Dr. Buddy Rydell justifies his plan to Dave: "so I can say I gave you a proper analysis." (0:08)

In psychotherapy group Lou explains, "I blacked out." (0:10)

Dave: "That was a little bit insane. If I had to do 20 hours of that I think I'd end up killing myself." (0:17)

Group member Chuck tells Dave, "I'm in a bad mood." (0:22)

Judge Daniels tells Dave, referring to Buddy, "I'm going to place you in his intensive anger management program..." (0:26)

Buddy recommends "round the clock therapy" to Dave. (0:27)

Buddy tells Dave, "You may not use... cocaine..." (0:28)

Dave tells himself, referring to Buddy, "He's a psycho."
"bringing a shrink to work." (0:32)

Buddy tells Dave's boss, "I'm Mr. Buznik's anger management therapist."
"Dissembling is a common tool of the anger junkie." (0:36)

Dave's coworker Andrew asks him, "How's the anger management going?" (0:39)

Buddy tells Dave, "I've got a stress reduction technique I want to show you."
"Are you a homophobe, Dave?"
Dave: "I'm not a homophobe."
Confronted by drag queen Galaxia, Dave asks, "Dr. Rydell what does this have to do with anger management...?"
"I'm not having sex with a shemale." (0:42)

Dave tells Buddy "Whatever Mr. Insane..." (0:50)

Buddy tells Dave, "... I will admit that I am a failure as a therapist." (0:54)

Buddy asks Dave, "Your little chick need some anger management?"
Dave: "You sick demented man."
"You psychotic piece of wacko." (1:01)

Dave tells Buddy, referring to Arnie, "He was just a kid lashing out becuase his sister got sent to an insane asylum."
Buddy tells Arnie how Dave feels "Recalling your nut job sister... in a straight jacket?"
Arnie asks Dave, "Did you expose yourself to my sister?" (1:05)

Group member Johnny Mac asks Buddy, "Doc, are you insane?" (1:12)

Buddy tells Dave, referring to his girlfriend Linda, "She recognizes you're a neurotic mess." (1:13)

Buddy, while having dinner with Linda, tells Dave, "Group members are not supposed to get romantically involved." (1:18)

Judge Daniels tells Dave, "Obviously anger management has been a complete failure..." (1:23)

The Rolling Stones sing Nineteenth Nervous Breakdown. (1:26)

Dave tells Linda, "Buddy Rydell is a psycho." (1:31)

Linda tells Dave, "You just graduated from anger managment."
Dave: "You're telling me the last two weeks of my life was just therapy?" (1:34)

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