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Animal Crackers

Groucho Marx, Chico Marx, Harpo Marx, Zeppo Marx, Margaret Dumont, Lillian Roth
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Arabella Rittenhouse asks her mother, "What would you suggest, Mom, suicide?" (0:04)

Africa explorer Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding faints when wealthy art patron Roscoe W. Chandler finds a caterpillar on his coat. (0:11)

Mute “Professor” enters. (0:14)

Art student Grace Carpenter tells mrs. Whitehead, "We might shoot ourselves." (0:16)

Artist John Parker tells Arabella, "Why, Arabella, you're crazy." (0:25)

Spaulding tells Chandler, "Now that I've got you in hysterics let's get down to business." (0:30)

Signor Emanuel Ravelli tells The Professor, "You act crazy."
”Hey, you're crazy.” (0:43)

Spaulding tells the others, "Well, sir, we left New York drunk and early on the morning of February 2nd." (0:47)

Mrs. Rittenhouse tells Spaulding, "Oh, Captain, I'm so worried" (0:59)

Butler Hives stutters.
Hives displays a small bottle and tells Grace Carpenter and Mrs. Whitehead, ”A few drops on a handkerchief, and The Professor will no longer obstruct us.” (0:59)

Spaulding tells Mrs. Rittenhouse, "I could have solved this in 5 minutes if I wanted to worry."
Mrs. Rittenhouse: ”Captain, I don't want you to worry.” (1:15)

Hives renders The Professor unconscious with an anesthetic-soaked handkerchief. (1:19)

Spaulding tails Ravelli, Grace, and Parker, "Now, if we can find the left-handed person that painted this, we'll have The Trial of Mary Dugan with sound." (1:24)

Ravelli, referring to Spaulding, "The guy's crazy."
Spalding: ”We go to court, and we get out a writ of habeas corpus.”
Spaulding repeats himself then asks Ravelli, “Didn't you ever see a habeas corpus?” (1:29)

Ravelli tells the policeman, referring to Parker and Spaulding, "He's a crazy. He's a crazy."
The Professor renders everyone else unconscious with the anesthetic sprayed from a bug sprayer. (1:32)