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The Anniversary

Bette Davis, Jack Hedley, Sheila Hancock, Elaine Taylor, Christian Roberts, James Cossins, Timothy Bateson, Arnold Diamond, Ralph Watson
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Builder Tom shows his fiancée Shirley a certificate won by his brother: “Master Henry, first prize, for consistent imbecility.” (0:09)

Shirley tells Tom’s mother, referring to Tom’s oldest brother Henry, “He’s dressed himself up in my clothes.” (0:36)

Shirley asks Henry, “I know it’s none of my business, but have you ever thought of going to see a psychiatrist?” (0:43)

Henry’s and Tom’s brother Terry’s wife Karen tells Shirley, “You’re balmy.” (0:44)

Tom tells his mother, referring to Henry, “He went the quick way, around the bend.” (0:48)

Tom tells his mother, referring to Henry: “So he can go into treatment or something.”
Mother Taggart: “He’ll get treatment in prison.”
Tom tells Terry, referring to Henry, “I know that he hasn’t, idiot.”
Mother tells Shirley, “You’re a bit of a cretin on the quiet...” (0:52)

Mother tells Shirley, “You’ll need a sedative when I tell you Tommy’s already married.” (1:01)

Tom tells Shirley, “I can’t leave until Mom’s beaten.” (1:12)

Henry tells Karen, “But I get claustrophobia if I’m shut up anywhere.”
Karen: ”You should have thought of that before you let yourself become perverted.” (1:15)

Henry tells Karen he is, “what you’ve always called me, a pervert.” (1:16)

Mother: “Henry, it’s about time you had treatment for your complaint.” (1:19)

Terry, “Mom, did you mean what you said just now about Henry needing treatment?” (1:20)

Karen tells Tom, “She’s a regular little nut case.”
Mother tells Tom, “You’ll never leave me.” (1:27)

How many kinds of relationship triangle does this film illustrate? How would you intervene to help the sons differentiate?