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Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Noonan, David Thewlis
Leopoldo Fregoli
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Author and customer-service expert Michael checks in at The Fregoli Hotel. (0:09)

By telephone Donna tells Michael she is "Pre-menstrual." (0:14)

By telephone his old girlfriend Bella tells Michael, "I just came out of this stupid relationship with a psycho."
"I've gained some weight... just so you don't look at me like freaked out or something..." (0:23)

Michael tells Bella, "I think I might have psychological problems. "
Bella: "I didn't get out of bed for a year."
"Michael, you're freaking me out. I can't take being more freaked out right now." (0:28)

Her friend and roommate Emily tells her, "Lisa, you're being nuts."(0:36)

Emily: "Oh, don't be an idiot, Lisa." (0:42)

Lisa tells Michael, "Oh God, I'm so embarrassed, Lisa, the moron... I'm an idiot."
"You're not like a pervert or something..."
"Okay, crazy man." (0:43)

Emily tells Lisa, referring to Michael, "He's insane." (1:07)

Michael tells Lisa, "They're all one person, and they love me." (1:08)

Lisa: "I feel anxious, Michael." (1:14)