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Another Happy Day

Ellen Barkin, Ezra Miller, Ellen Burstyn, Demi Moore, Thomas Haden Church, Kate Bosworth, George Kennedy, Jeffrey DeMunn, Siobhan Fallon, Diana Scarwid, Michael Nardelli, Daniel Yelsky, Laura Coover, Eamon O'Rourke
fentanyl | marijuana | Adderall | mixed amphetamine salts | cocaine | dextromethorphan | morphine
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His mother Lynn tells Elliot, referring to the rest of the family, “The last time you went to rehab I told them you were in Sweden.” (0:05)

EMT Jason tells Lynn, referring to her father Joe, “The Fentanyl just set off his pacemaker, slowed down his heart.”
Lynn’s sister Bonnie asks Jason, “If you took one of these say with, like, Adderall, and you’re about 130 pounds, could, could you stroke.” (0:06)

His brother Brandon lights a joint, smokes it and tells Elliot. “I kiefed the nuggs with a little bit of llello.” Brandon offers the joint to Elliot.
Elliot: ”It sure... beats the two packs of Coricidin Cough & Cold I ate last night.” (0:08)

Elliot: “If the dog could see his outfit, he’d... immolate himself.” (0:10)

Bonnie tells her sister Donna, referring to Lynn, “And she has her therapist so she can talk to Paul. I mean who goes to a therapist to talk to their ex-husband?” (0:10)

Lynn asks her mother Doris, “So nobody in your family had any history of depression or obsessive compulsive disorder?”
”But didn’t Dad’s dad... drink heavily?”
Doris: ”He shot himself.”
Lynn: “He shot himself?”
”A lot of people shot themselves.” (0:11)

Elliot tells the others, “You know, I wasn’t crazy about Sweden.”
“It’s probably just psychosomatic. I have anxiety. I’m on medication.” (0:11)

Elliot finds a box of Fentanyl in Joe’s bathroom. (0:12)

Elliot finds a box of Fentanyl in Joe’s bedside table. He sucks drug from a plastic pouch then nods off on the bathroom floor. (0:15)

By telephone Lynn tells her daughter Alice, “It’s just gonna be me and Paul and that... therapist whose profile we saw online.” (0:16)

Elliot’s brother Ben tells Lynn, “Well, I was diagnosed.”
Lynn: ”I know what you were diagnosed with.” (0:19)

Family psychotherapy session: “Hello Lynn, I’m Dr. Stanwick.”
Paul: “If my daughter is going through some sort of self-destructive phase, then I want to...”
Lynn: “Because what I know is that my daughter has been silently slicing at her arms and legs with a straight-edged razor for six years.” (0:22)

Lynn tells Joe, “Elliot has a chemical imbalance in his brain... He has depression, obsessive compulsive disorder. He has Tourette’s syndrome for god’s sake. He suffers from severe anxiety, and he has difficulty managing his emotions. Now he’s in therapy, and he’s doing much better.” (0:31)

Elliot asks Lynn, “So what am I supposed to do, sit around and play... rummy cube with your demented family?”
Lynn: “Have you been doing any drugs with Brandon?”
”Elliot, I swear to God, if you have relapsed you’re going right back to Silver Hill.” (0:33)

Elliot: “You don’t want Alice to come here and deal with all the traumatic... of her childhood... So you drive yourself crazy, Alice cuts herself...” (0:37)

Ben asks Elliot, “Do you think Alice might, like, want to kill herself?”
”Do you think autistic people know they’re autistic?”
”Yeah, because, I know I was diagnosed with, like mild Asperger’s syndrome, but I didn’t think I was autistic.” (0:41)

Lynn tells Paul, “You see the psychology of self-injuring is very complicated... she was trying to convert her emotional pain into something tangible.”
“Paul, tell me if I”m crazy... I blocked so much of it out...” (0:48)

Donna tells Bonnie and a girl, “Lynn says it’s this generation’s anorexia.” (0:55)

Elliot tells his half-sister Alice, “So I’m pretty sure grandma's a sociopath.”
Alice: “What... are you doing with drugs, Elliot. You got out of your fourth rehab three months ago.”
Elliot: “Weed’s not a real drug.”
“You really want to open the flood gates on the self-destructive behavior Little Miss Mutilation?“
“I’m just doing normal teenage drugs.” (1:00)

Ben’s home video: Ben asks Elliot, “Are you on drugs?“
Elliot: ”Fentanyl”
Ben: “What’s Fentanyl”
Elliot: “It’s like morphine, only 81 times more potent.” (1:03)

Alice displays scars on her arms and abdomen. (1:05)

Alice tells Paul, “No, child development is more psychology.”
Paul: “The therapist.” (1:09)

Elliot asks the others, referring to Ben, “You know how he has severe autism? You don’t want to talk about it too much, because if you talk about severe autism to the retard too much, then he gets low self-esteem, and that’s not good." (1:14)

Lynn tells her husband Lee, “Alice is hysterical in the parking lot.” (1:19)

Elliot tells his step sister, referring to drinking, “Only when I’m on opiates,” as he downs 3 double drinks. (1:20)

Her daughter tells Patty, referring to Elliot, ”He’s... a complete drunk, drug addict. He ordered like three double shots of like whatever... and he was like, I like to mix it with opiates, are you a complete drunk drug addict?”
“Elliot says that Lynn says... that you were a stripper and a coke whore.”
Patty asks Lynn, “Have you been telling your kids that I was a... coke whore? Are you out of your... mind?”
“Elliot has Tourette’s syndrome.” (1:21)

Lynn tells Lee that Elliot “,... has been drinking and doing drugs.“
Elliot: “I had a few. I had anxiety. I had a... panic attack.” (1:24)

Ben makes a video of Elliot playing the role of a reporter, referring to Alice, “With their over sensitive and self-destructive daughter...” (1:25)

Doris tells Lynn, “I’m totally exhausted, and I can’t get to sleep.” (1:27)

Ben tells Elliot, “‘Cause like caught you doing drugs... and like it’s your fault Patty went nuts.“
Elliot asks Lee, “What’s the matter dad, you never got drunk or stoned when you were my age?”
”You Mom? You never skin-popped a little “D” back in the ‘70s?” What drug does Elliot call "D?"
Lynn: “Go, go, go get high. Go O. D.” (1:34)

Elliot takes Fentanyl. (1:45)

Funeral for Joe. (1:49)

I wanted a genogram while watching this film. The cutoff between Alice and her father seems to crystallize much of the conflict. Would you want to reconnect them? Where else might you start in working with this family? How might you try to create an atmosphere conducive to Elliot attaining sobriety? Would dialectical behavior therapy help Alice?