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Another Man's Poison

Bette Davis, Gary Merrill, Emlyn Williams,
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Banker George Bates tells author Janet Frobisher, "You must have been out of your mind."
Janet, referring to her husband: ”I brought him his drink, and I put something in it.” (0:14)

Janet tells veterinarian Dr. Henderson, "Well, there's no need to worry." (0:19)

Janet tells George and Dr. Henderson, "Well, we're not exactly in a party mood." (0:21)

Her secretary Chris Dale’s fiance Larry Stevens tells Janet, "I felt a craving for the mountain air." (0:26)

Janet tells Larry, "Oh, I should be shocked to find out that my nice little secretary had anything to do with you and me." (0:35)

Janet tells George, referring to the body, "Not dead, Mr. Bates, only drugged." (0:38)

George tells Janet, "To help me think sober..." (0:40)

Henderson tells George, "You know, I must be getting feeble-minded."
”You see, I happen to be a keen amateur psychologist.”
George: ”It's an interesting diagnosis, doctor.” (0:50)

George asks Janet, "... can't you see it's madness to play against each other?" (0:55)

George tells Larry, "Don't worry about Chris." (0:56)

Janet tells Chris, "No suicides or anything melodramatic." (1:00)

Janet tells Henderson, "I'm still so, so utterly confused." (1:21)

Janet tells George, "I was out of my mind with grief."
George: ”Suicide, not yours, mine... I knew it was all over, and I took my own life.”
Janet: ”Oh George, you're mad.” (1:25)

Janet tells Henderson, referring to George, "It's suicide, I think." (1:28)