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Another Thin Man

William Powell, Myrna Loy, C. Aubrey Smith, Virginia Grey, Otto Kruger, Ruth Hussey, Nat Pendleton, Patric Knowles, Tom Neal
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By telephone, detective Nick’s wife Nora tells someone, "Nick was sober in Kansas City." (0:03)

His secretary Freddie Coleman tells Colonel Burr MacFay, "I don’t think you need to worry anymore, sir."
Col. MacFay asks Nick, ”Is that all you’re worried about?”
”As if I’ve not got enough to worry me over.” (0:13)

Col. MacFay tells the others, "... he’s dreamed twice about your dying. The third time he dreams things, they come true."
Col. MacFay’s daughter Lois’ fiance Dudley Horn: ”They can’t very well arrest a man just because he told you his dreams.”
MacFay: ”He tells me he’s dreaming about me dying.” (0:15)

Engineer ex-con Phil Church tells Nick, "But I dreamed..."
Smitty, referring to Nick: ”He’s nuts. If you listen to him, he’ll have you nuts, too.”
Phil: ”... I don’t laugh at my dreams... This afternoon I had the third dream.”
Nick: ”How does he usually die in these dreams?”
Phil: “... and I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever dreamed about you or your wife...”
Nick punches Phil in the eye.
Nick: ”That’s to remind you not to dream about my family.” (0:23)

Nick tells Nora, "... but what worries me is what are you and Nickie going to live on?" (0:28)

Smitty tells Phil, "I wish you’d dream up some way to get that Nick Charles out of there... He looks like a guy with insomnia to me." (0:30)

A police detective asks Col. MacFay’s housekeeper Mrs. Isabella Bellam, "Got things on your mind that worry you, keep you awake?" (0:39)

Assistant District Attorney Van Slack tells Nick, "Well I’m a little confused." (0:43)

A policeman answers Van Slack, "No, she’s bats."
Detective: ”I wish my old lady was bats that way.” (0:45)

Nick tells Lois, "He died instantly."
Nick: ”You’d better take a bromide.” (0:46)

Isabella asks Lois, "The doctor gave you something to make you sleep?" (0:53)

Diamond Back Vogel tells the others, "You know how those guys get to worrying."
Vogel tells Smitty, ”You don’t think I been hanging around because I was nuts about you, do you?” (0:59)

A suitor asks Nora, referring to Nick, "Does he ever speak to you with burning words that make you go half mad with joy and yearning?"
”You are driving me mad.” (1:08)

Dum-Dum strikes a man in the head with his fist. (1:11)

Books entitled: "Psychology of Marriage" (1:17)

Wacky tells Creeps Binder, "Well don’t worry..." (1:23)

Phil: "I been dreamin’ again, Charles."
Nick: ”You ought to be psychoanalyzed.”
Phil: ”Twice I’ve seen you dead in my dreams... I have a feeling I’m gonna have that third dream.” (1:26)

Nick tells Lt. Guild, "That’s why Dum-Dum beat up a drunk last night when the drunk tried to tell me."
Vogel: ”If they have to get up in court and admit they were playing in my place, they might as well cut their throats...” (1:31)

A woman calls a detective "You imbecile." (1:41)