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Another Year

CastJim Broadbent, Lesley Manville, Ruth Sheen, Oliver Maltman, Peter Wright, David Bradley, Martin Savage, Karina Fernandez, Michele Austin, Philip Davis, Imelda Staunton
Year released2010
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Patient Janet tells GP Tanya, “I just need something to help me sleep.”
”Will you give me some sleeping tablets?”
Tanya: ”How much alcohol are you drinking?”
”Are you taking any drugs? Medication? How about coffee? Are you drinking a lot to keep awake?”
Janet: “Coffee, yes.”
Tanya: “Tea?”
Insomnia isn’t a disease. Sleeping tablets won’t make it go away... Now you’re obviously anxious and a little depressed. So I want you to come back and speak to our counselor.”
”But will you see the counselor?” (0:01)

Counselor Gerri in psychotherapy session with Janet. (0:09)

Gerri tells her geologist husband Tom, “I had my alcoholic teacher in again.”
“He was pissed as a fart.” (0:16)

Gerri’s secretary Mary tells Tom and Gerri, “I’m so stupid sometimes.” She gestures shooting herself in the head with her hand. (0:20)

Mary, drunk, tells Gerri and Tom, “I feel like I’m being somebody else.” (0:24)

Joe tells Tom, “Hangover.” (0:33)

Tom tells Gerri, referring to their friend Ken, “Wasn’t manic like him.” (0:41)

Tom asks Ken, referring to a friend, “Hit hard when Gordon died, didn’t it?”
Gerri: “And his wife.”
Ken, referring to a tree, “It reminded me of his funeral.” He cries. (0:45)

Mary tells Gerri and Ken’s son Joe, “I feel like Thelma and Louise.” (1:00)

Joe’s occupational therapist friend Katie: “Joe tells me you’re a counselor, Jerri.” (1:11)

Tom’s brother Ron has lost his wife Linda. (1:26)

The hearse arrives with Linda’s casket in back. Pallbearers carry the casket into the chapel for a memorial service followed by cremation. (1:27)

Mary asks Ron, “Did you ever smoke dope?” (1:51)

Katie gestures to Gerri with her scarf as if to hang herself. (2:02)

How much of a role does alcohol play in Mary's and Ken's problems? Would you diagnose them with a mental disorder? Alcohol dependence? Do they just suffer from loneliness, bad luck, bad choices? Would either benefit from psychotherapy? Could they stop drinking on their own? Would they still need help after eliminating alcohol from their lives? Would you diagnose either of them with a personality disorder? If so, which one?

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