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Antonia's Line

CastWilleke Van Ammelroy, Els Dottermans, Jan Decleir, Marina De Graaf, Mil Seghers, Dora van der Groen
Year released1996
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Matriarch Antonia tells her daughter Danielle that her mother is “Completely ga-ga.”

Mother, apparently referring to Antonia’s father: “You two-faced, ruthless, drunken, degenerate adulterer.” (0:07) Antonia’s mother dies. (0:08)

Antonia: “That’s Mad Madonna. She bays at the full moon.” (0:09)

Memorial service for Antonia’s mother. (0:10)

Antonia asks a patron in the bar, “Or are you half blind as well as half smashed?” (0:11)

Mad Madonna howls at the moon. (0:15, 0:27, 0:43, 0:47)

Narrator Sarah: “Although the mind of Loony Lips usually worked more slowly than most, it did not take him long to decide to follow Antonia.” (0:16)

Narrator: “Retarded Deedee lived with her mother, father and two brothers on a farm.” (0:18)

Antonia tells Danielle, as they walk through a graveyard, referring to Cora, “Before Mass on Sunday she got sauced on her bathtub gin.” (0:19)

Antonia tells Letta, “What the eye doesn't see the heart doesn't grieve about” (0:33)

The Protestant holds dead Mad Madonna, howls in her stead and soon dies himself. Antonia visits their shared grave. Farmer Dan lies in his coffin. (0:57)

Danielle’s daughter Thérèse and her friend Simon share a joint. (1:12)

Intellectual Crooked Finger tells Sarah, “We can read Nietzsche together.” (1:18)

Narrator: “... suddenly a lot of villagers died... The priest left for the city with his 12 disciples and became a social worker... Loony Lips died in a tractor accident, and Deedee was inconsolable.”
Deedee grieves. (1:21)

Crooked Finger writes to Thérèse, “If I did, I could delude myself that life promises a heavenly dessert after an indigestible main course.” (1:25)

Villagers find Crooked Finger having hanged himself. Thérèse holds him and grieves. (1:26)

Narrator: “Thérèse became more and more withdrawn. But Danielle reacted to her daughter's grief with rage.” (1:28)

Sarah sees the dead come back to life. (1:31)

Antonia hears howling: “That’s Mad Madonna.” (1:35)

Narrator: “Her daughter Danielle would bottle up her grief...” Antonia dies. (1:36)

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