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Isabelle Adjani, Hanna Schygulla, Ignacio López Tarso, Carlos Bracho, Gonzalo Vega, Bruno Rey, Fernando Balzaretti, Víctor Junco, Víctor Alcocer, José Lavat, Fernando Palavicini
Antonieta Rivas Mercado
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A woman on a television cooking show, after completing her recipe, places the muzzle of a revolver against her head and pulls the trigger, killing herself.
Psychologist Anna: “It’s the only case of suicide recorded live.”
Anna asks a woman who wears a neck collar brace, ”Did you have any special reason to jump out the window?... I am preparing a book regarding women suicides in the twentieth century.” (0:02)

Anna reads, “Fire weapon suicidal. Informed by the Public Ministry that a woman committed suicide in the Notre Dame Cathedral.” (0:03)

Anna reads a newspaper headline: “SUICIDE A NOTRE-DAME” (0:06)

Her husband tells author Antonieta, referring to himself, “What a moron... My god, what an imbecile...” (0:18) 

Antonieta tells painter Manuel, “I heard about your son’s death.”
Manuel, referring to the boy’s mother: “She hasn’t spoken for days.”
”My wife killed our baby. She choked him with her own hands.” (0:34)

Poet Vargas tells Anna, “A lot of nonsense was spoken about drugs and even a crime.” (0:38)

Candidate José tells Antonieta, “Not of drunken, alphabet soldiers!” (1:11)

Historian León, referring to José: “He was a megalomaniac. He saw himself as the only exception in a country of imbeciles.” (1:27)

Sitting in Notre Dame cathedral Antonietta cocks a revolver, aims the muzzle at her heart, and we hear a gunshot. (1:43)