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Antwone Fisher

Derek Luke, Denzel Washington, Joy Bryant, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Leonard Earl Howze, Kente Scott, Kevin Connolly, Rainoldo Gooding, Novella Nelson, Stephen Snedden, Yolonda Ross, Viola Davis, Earl Billings, Malcolm David Kelley, Cory Hodges
Antwone Fisher
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The captain tells sailor Antwone, “I’m... recommending that you be evaluated at the psychiatric clinic before our next underway period.” (0:05)

Antwone tells other sailors, “I got busted, but now I gotta go to the psych clinic.”
Farmer: ”You gotta go to the nuthouse?”
“Give it up to the shrink?” (0:05)

Psychiatrist Jerome Davenport calls Antwone from the waiting room.
Antwone: “Send him to the psychiatrist... He must be crazy.” (0:05)

Petty Officer Cheryl Smolley tells Antwone, “That was the name of the last guy who stalked me.” (0:08)

Navy police drag Antwone into Jerome’s office. (0:10)

Antwone stands/sits silently in Jerome’s office. (0:12)

In a session Antwone tells Jerome, “I was born in prison two months after my father was murdered.” (0:15)

Reverend Tate: “I don’t know psychology.” (0:17)

Antwone tells Jerome, referring to his foster brother, “Rev. Tate... didn’t like Dwight... said he had too much pride, so he tried to beat it out of him. Sometimes he would even try to beat him to death.” (0:19)

Rev. Tate’s wife beats Dwight and Antwone. (0:20)

Antwone tells Jerome, referring to his foster brother Keith and Keth’s mother, “He was rapied by one of her boyfriends.” (0:22)

Antwone in psychotherapy session. He tells Jerome, referring to his friend Jesse, “We used to drive our friend Kenny crazy.” (0:24)

Mrs. Tate tells Antwone, “Retarded nigga, don’t nobody want you.” (0:27)

Antwone in psychotherapy session with Jerome. Jerome: “You know sometimes it helps just to take the anxiety out of a future meeting to role-play.” (0:36)

Jerome tells his wife Berta that Antwone, the man at their door, was a “Patient of mine.” (0:47)

Antwone describes to Jerome sexual abuse by Nadine Tate. (0:59)

Antwone tells Berta, referring to Jerome, I’m one of his patients.” (1:01)

Antwone in psychotherapy session. Antwone tells Jerome, “The social worker... took me to a men’s shelter.” (1:02)

Cheryl asks Antwone, “You’re seein’ a psychiatrist, aren’t you?”
Antwone: “Are you tryin’ to tell me I’m crazy?”
Cheryl: “You’re not the only person that’s seen a shrink before.”
”So why... why are you seein’ a psychiatrist?”
”Until I realized you were stalking me.”
Antwone: ”I wasn’t stalking you.” (1:05)

Jesse tells Antwone, “You trippin’, man.”
Antwone: “Stop trippin’, man.” (1:18)

Antwone watches as a store clerk kills Jesse. (1:21)

Antwone tells Cheryl, “No, this is Phillip Walker, the late-night stalker.” (1:23)

Antwone tells his mother Eva Mae, “I’ve never done drugs or even smoked a cigarette.” (1:45)

Jerome tells Antwone, referring to Berta, “She needed help, treatment. I made sure she had... the best psychiatrist, the one that trained me... Because of you, Antwone, I’m a better doctor...” (1:52)

Despite repeated, flagrant boundary violations the film portrays this psychotherapy as helping both patient and psychotherapist, with no apparent harm to either. The film also illustrates the potential value of reconnecting with family.