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Apocalypse Now Redux

CastMartin Sheen, Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, Frederic Forrest, Sam Bottoms, Laurence Fishburne, Albert Hall, Dennis Hopper, Harrison Ford, G.D. Spradlin, Christian Marquand, Aurore Clément
Year released1979
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Army Lt. Gen. Corman tells Capt. Willard, “Every man has got a breaking point. You and I have them. Walt Kurz has reached his, and very obviously, he has gone insane.”
Willard: “Obviously insane.” (0:16)

tells Willard, referring to another special ops soldier, “Heard he shot himself in the head.” (0:22)

One corpsman tells another, referring to a wounded soldier, “Give him some morphine.” (0:43)

Gunner’s Mate Lance sees Chef rolling a joint: “Chef, light up man. Let’s get high.”
Chef: “Wanna smoke?” They share the joint. (0:52)

Willard: “It wasn’t just insanity and murder.” (0:52)

Chef asks a sergeant, “Can I get me some Panama red?”
Sergeant: “Panama red. Yeah, I’ll get you some Panama Red.” (1:04)

Willard reads a letter from renegade Kurtz, “They are, in fact, and in the circumstances of this conflict, quite completely insane.” (1:21)

Miss May tells Chef, “You’re driving me crazy.”
”It drives me crazy!” (1:31)

Chief tells Chef, “... and stop smoking that dope.” (1:33)

Disk 2

Lance asks Chef, “Hey, you know that last tab of acid I was saving?”
”I dropped it.”
Chef: “You dropped acid?” (0:01)

Burial of Gunner’s Mate Clean. (0:20)

French planter Hubert tells Willard, “I mean that’s crazy.” (0:29)

French planter Roxanne tells Willard as you prepares an opium pipe, “I used to prepare a pipe for my husband. It was the morphine he took for the wounds he suffered in his heart. He would rage, and he would cry, my lost soldier.” She hands the pipe to Willard then smokes it herself. (0:37)

American photojournalist: talks to Willard with pressured speech. (0:51)

Chef: “He’s gone crazy.”
Photojournalist asks Chef, “You were gonna call him crazy?” (0:54)

Chef tells Willard, referring to Kurtz, “This colonel guy, he’s wacko, man. He’s worse than crazy... he’s loco.” (0:55)

Willard: “Everything I saw told me that Kurtz had gone insane.” (0:57)

Willard tells Kurz, “They told me that you had gone totally insane and that your methods were unsound.” (1:01)

Photojournalist tells Willard, “The man is clear in his mind, but his soul is mad.” (1:04)

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