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Apres Vous

Daniel Auteuil, José Garcia, Sandrine Kiberlain, Maryline Canto, Michele Moretti, Garance Clavel, Fabio Zenoni, Jocelyne Desverchère, Didier Menin, Jean-Claude Lecas, Ange Ruze, Andree Tainsy, Caroline Brunner
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Head waiter Antoine prevents Louis from hanging himself. (0:04)

Louis appears ready to jump from Antoine’s balcony. (0:10)

Antoine reads Louis’ letter to his grandparents: “I can tell you I am going mad.”
”I’ve met... a gorgeous intelligent girl...” (0:16)

Louis’ grandmother tells Antoine, referring to Louis’ florist girlfriend Blanche, “She had the impression that... he was too worried and nervous...”
”My God, I was worried afterwards.... It always put me in a bad mood.” (0:19)

Louis tells Antoine, “I get worried that things will fall on me.” (0:23)

Louis tells Antoine, “They won’t give me morphine.”
Antoine: “You’re crazy.” (0:25)

Antoine: “You’re raving, Louis. You’ve taken his morphine again. You can’t just take people’s morphine.” (0:32)

His girlfriend Christine tells Antoine, “You’re crazy.”
Antoine: “You don’t hang yourself if you’re sore.”
Christine: “It’s a narcissistic injury.”
”A narcissistic injury.” (0:33)

Restaratur Mrs. Mougins asks Antoine, “Are you crazy?” (0:40)

Louis tells waitress Karine and Antoine, “It’s crazy.” (0:53)

Antoine tells Blance, “It’s called a narcissistic injury, actually.”
By telephone Blanche tells her ex-boyfriend Andre, “It’s called a narcissistic injury, if you must know.” (0:58)

Antione tells Christine, referring to Louis, “He’s depressed, and he was drinking all day.” (1:00)

Blanche tells Antoine, “It’s crazy.”
Antoine: “No need to panic.” (1:02)

Louis asks Antoine, “Think I’d hang myself because of you?” (1:11)

Louis tells Antoine, referring to Blanche, “I’m worried she might not find me attractive now.” (1:32)

A chef asks Antoine, “Sloshed again?” (1:38)