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Aquí Entre Nos

Jesús Ochoa, Carmen Beato, Diana García, Giovana Fuentes, Giovanna Zacarías, Camila Risser
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His wife Miriam tells contractor Rodolfo, "I'm the house slave, driver, psychologist..." (0:14)

Rodolfo tells his lover Cecilia, "I'm just paranoid."(0:17)

Rodolfo asks his daughter Sofia's lover Marcos, "What are you doing, you idiot?"
Rodolfo tells Miriam, "And you'd have to be a total idiot to confuse a mother with her daughter!" (0:27)

Miriam tells Rodolfo, referring to Marcos, "You had to get him drunk and get your way, didn't you?"
"And Marcos is the Mummy, a womanizer, an alcoholic." (0:27)

His daughter Victoria tells Rodolfo, "I had insomnia, so I wanted to get some newspapers for research." (0:32)

Sofia tells Victoria referring to Rodolfo and Marcos, "He got him drunk and made a fool of him." (0:32)

Rodolfo, referring to himself: "What an idiot." (0:52)

Victoria tells her boyfriend Nacho, "I was very nervous."
Rodolfo tells Victoria, "Your mom is going to go nuts."
"I'm going to go nuts." (1:06)

Ana Paula tells Miriam, referring to Rodolfo, "He said that now that you're divorced he misses you and is crazy about you." (1:11)