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Ryan Simpkins, John Hawkes, Kendall Toole, Ty Simpkins, Julia Campbell, Tawny Fere, Mary Pat Gleason, Darin Heames
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Teenager Greta tells her younger brother Nat, "I don't get why you're obsessed with that Noah weirdo."
Her oldler sister Caroline tells Greta, "I don't get why you're obsessed with that piece of... " (0:09)

Caroline tells Greta the others are talking about "Your depression emo music." (0:12)

Greta's father Tom, referring to the motorist behind: "Idiot."
"Back the hell away from me, moron." (0:16)

Tom tells a detective they were on the way "to a wake... their aunt passed away." (0:17)

Tom tells the kids, "Your dad acted because it was safer to get out there and confront that maniac..."
Tom tells Greta, referring to Aunt Deedee, "I don't have that kook's number." (0:18)

Tom tells Greta, "There's psychos out there." (0:21)

Greta tells Nat, "Probably full of psychos." (0:24)

Caroline tells Tom, "You're getting stressed out." (0:27)

Greta asks Nat, "Do you ever feel like your face isn't yours?"
"Sometimes I just feel like my brain isn't even connected to my face." (0:40)

Nat tells Caroline, "Greta's in a bad mood these days."
Greta tells Tom, "It could be... the kook."
Tom tells Caroline, referring to her mother, "She was just being hysterical." (0:51)

Caroline: "Dad, this is crazy."
Tom tells Greta, referring to her mother, "She's at a psychiatric clinic."
"She had a breakdown."
Greta: "Breakdown?"
Tom: "That's right, a nervous breakdown." (1:05)

Caroline tells Greta, "Mom just kind of flipped out."
"Mom's been sad for a really long time." (1:21)

By telephone Greta asks her mother, "Did you hurt yourself or anything?" (1:25) :