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Archie's Final Project

CastGabriel Sunday, David Carradine, Mariel Hemingway, Brooke Nevin, Nora Dunn, Michael Welch, Zachary Ray Sherman, Vanessa Lengies, Tony Hale, Joe Mantegna
Year released2009
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High school student Archie holds a placard: "MY SUICIDE" (0:00)

Archie imitates Christopher Walken's character Nick in The Deer Hunter: "One shot is what it's all about."
He holds the muzzle of a revolver to his head, then fires a shot. (0:01)

Movie: "Yes, today's youth are a confused bunch." (0:02)

Archie as James Stewart: "My name's Archie, and I'm gonna kill myself."
Archie's voice: "Archie Williams is going to kill himself." (0:03)

Archie: "My name is Archie Williams, and I'm gonna kill myself." (0:05)

Student: "My film is on the early years of Sigmund Freud..."
Archie tells his media teacher Mr. Bedford, "For my project I'm gonna kill myself on camera."
"Oh, and I'm gonna be Archie Williams, Kid Suicide."
Another student mimics a gunshot to the head. (0:06)

Archie: "I mean a highly paid psychiatrist?"
Close up of injection: "Kids shooting up in the streets... bulimics, anorexics wasting away?"
Girl purging into toilet. (0:10)

Teenager mimics shooting himself in the mouth. "Kurt Cobain did that."
Teen: "They think we're just... stoner." (0:11)

Principal Mrs. Ellis: "Archie, have you been feeling low lately?"
"Do you have access to any... drugs?"
Archie handles firearms and pours pills down his throat, finally pretending to fall dead from a pistol shot to the head.
Ellis: "You said that you're gonna kill yourself in this movie of yours." (0:12)

Student Mallory tells student Sierra, referring to Archie: "Freaks out in Media 2, He says he's gonna kill himself on camera." (0:15)

Archie, referring to Sierra: "I heard at some Halloween party she did coke..." (0:16)

A policeman tells Archie's restaurant owner father Daryl, "Protocol is, a kid says he's gonna kill himself, we have to escort him to mental health."
Daryl: "Are you crazy?" (0:17)

Title: "Suicide. Suicide. Suicide."
Archie as Aussie television character: "Join us on our fabulous.. cruise through... your local mental health facility. Loony bin lagoon... for the certifiably insane."
"Mandatory 72 HOURS of Mental Health" (0:19)

Archie in strait jacket. (0:19)

Archie: "You get to return... to meet with your court-appointed shrinks." (0:20)

Social worker: "Archibald... do you have any insight as to why you might be here today?"
"... I have no problem treating you as one of my elderly patients."
"I am a licensed clinical social worker."
"I'm a therapist!" (0:21)

Archie: "You can have your freak outs."
"Homes... with enough prescription pills to put the whole world to sleep... at age 11 I got this obsession with drawing myself into my favorite movies... Tonight I took a couple too many Ritalin. To get back into school I have to do drugs... Drugs! That's my A.D.D. acting up." (0:24)

Archie: "... don't freak."
Student: "You're a paranoid..."
Another student asks Archie: "You wanna snort some Ritalin?"
"... and dude, you're gonna trip your way..."
Another student: "You need a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, not a tricyclic antidepressant." (0:27)

Student: "Oh yeah, suicide's awesome." (0:29)

A girl asks Archie, "Have you ever had somebody kill themselves?"
Student, "Hey man, suicide is for pussies anyway."
Girl: "Go kill yourself."
Boy: "They're going nuts on you..." (0:29)

Archie in session with psychiatrist Dr. Chandrasakar. (0:31)

Archie: "Your psychological hookers, your personal drug dealers."
Woman: "No additional psychiatric sessions required." (0:32)

Session with Dr. Chandrasakar: Archie as Donnie Darko: "They made me do it."

As Norman Bates: "Boy's best friend is his mother."
As Forrest Gump: "Mama always says, stupid is as stupid does."
Dr. Chandrasakar: "Why do you say you want to end your life?"

Archie as The Dude: "This will not stand."
Archie: "Is this psychobabble bullshit supposed to make me happy?... heal my tortured psyche?"
"What is that, Cool Hand Luke?"
Dr. Chandrasakar: "Insanity runs in your family."

Archie: "The Matrix..."
Dr. Chandrasakar. smokes from an animated hookah. (0:33)

Archie: "If I wasn't such a... idiot..."
"You idiot."
Sierra: "Archie... thoughts of suicide..." (0:37)

Animated Archie hanging by the neck. (0:40)

Sierra asks Archie by telephone, "Do you make psychotic love note videos for all the pretty girls?"
Archie: "Busy killing myself." (0:41)

Sierra asks Archie, "How do you want to kill yourself?"
"I think suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."
"My brother died last year."
"You're gonna kill yourself 'cause life's too easy?"
"A girl's got to suck a lot of dick to support her coke habit."
"Are you gonna kill yourself before you lose your virginity...?"
"Now obviously you're not serious about killing yourself." (0:45)

Sign on door: "Psychiatric Services"
Session with Dr. Chandrasakar. (0:48)

Sierra's mother Charlotte, referring to the death of Sierra's brother Shane: "You can't imagine what that leaves you with." (0:53)

Archie: "... four time suicidal loser: me, and if I kill myself, Sierra Silver is truly ivy league bound." (0:53)

Sierra tells Archie, "If I wanted a shrink, I'd buy one." (0:55)

Archie imitates Kurtz in Apocalypse Now. (0:55)

Charlotte tells Archie, "It's just crazy around here." (0:57)

Holding a razor blade, Sierra pulls up her skirt revealing scars on her thigh to Archie. She cuts herself. "I want what you want, to end it all." (1:00)

Student: "Suicide pact."
Girl: "Let's just say I've cut before." (1:02)

Man: "You cannot lead a long life with acute suicidality." (1:02)

Bobby demonstrates seppuku. (1:03)

Sierra tells Archie, "Now you can kill yourself." (1:04)

Heavy drinking. (1:08)

Archie tells Sierra, "I've never been drunk with people before." (1:10)

Boys roll joints, smoke. Archie: "Did you ever see Raging Bull?" (1:10)

Boy, referring to Archie: "He's gonna make a suicide video about killing himself. He thinks it's... cool to kill himself." (1:12)

Boy: "This is the class that sucks the most after you're hungover, dude?"
Students see student Corey hanging by the neck in the gym.
Students grieve outside. (1:15)

Sierra: "Why do you want to kill yourself? Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem... Now you can kill yourself." (1:18)

Sierra tells Archie, referring to Shane, "His suicide note to me." (1:20)

Gretchen tells Archie, "Your counselor called."
Archie: "God, what are you, tweaked?" (1:21)

Poet/filmmaker Vargas tells Archie, "You ain't the first suicidal refugee to walk through my door."
Archie: "At first I wanted to kill myself because I was miserable." (1:28)

Vargas: "If you want to kill yourself, man, kill what you don't like... You can kill yourself too."
Archie with the pistol muzzle against his head, against his chin, in his mouth. (1:32)

Sierra swallows pills. "The internet says 40 will do. I'm eating 60... Thank God I have a mother addicted to this crap. " (1:34)

Archie calls 911: "A girls trying to overdose..." (1:35)

EMT: "It's a barbiturate overdose." (1:37)

Funeral for Corey. (1:38)

Archie: "My suicide..." (1:42)

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